Big setback in admission season! 5000 seats in engineering, pharmacy, MBA reduced

In this season of admissions, students have got a big setback. About 5000 seats in engineering, MBA, pharmacy have decreased in Gujarat. Know what is the matter?

GTU reduced thousands of seats for engineering, pharmacy, MBA

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After the 10th-12th result, the round of UG PG Admissions is going on across the country. But in this time of admission a bad news has come for the students. This is a big setback, especially for those students who are looking to take admission in courses like engineering, pharmacy or MBA. About 5000 seats have been reduced in these courses. Gujarat Technological University That is, due to a decision of GTU, 4,775 seats have decreased in 38 institutions across the state. This has happened due to the lack of mandatory faculty and laboratory and other resources for some courses in these institutions.

9 colleges in No Admission Zone

GTU has put 9 colleges in the no admission zone. There are 4 engineering colleges and 5 degree colleges. These colleges cannot take any admission in the academic session 2022-23. Result – all the seats that were there, they are all over. This decision of Gujarat Technological University has come after an inspection. The university got the field inspection done by experts of 280 recognized colleges. In this, such shortcomings were found in many institutes that they are not fit to run the course.

GTU VC Professor Naveen Seth said that ’38 out of 280 institutes were such that action has been taken against 38. Most of these are self financed. There is neither the full number of faculty, nor the lab. In some institutions, the posts of director or principal are vacant for the last three years.

How many seats decreased in which course?

In 15 out of 28 institutes, 1295 seats for engineering degree have decreased. Whereas in the remaining 28 engineering diploma institutes, 3300 seats have decreased. In a college there is a reduction of 60 pharmacy seats. 180 seats have decreased in 3 MBA colleges. 60 in every college. At the same time, the seat of MCA in one college has also decreased.

GTU asked for information, then it was revealed

GTU had released the online self-disclosure form for 435 affiliated technical institutes in March 2022. These institutes had to give information about their infrastructure, labs and faculty in this form. After the institutes filled and submitted the form, GTU Gujarat decided to conduct inspection of 280 of these institutes.

Now GTU Gujarat has reported this matter to the Admission Committee for Professional Courses ie ACPC.

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