Big update on postmortem of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey, police have sealed report

Akanksha Dubey Postportem Report: Latest updates are coming out in Akanksha Dubey case but still the post mortem report of Bhojpuri actress has not been revealed. If sources are to be believed, the post mortem report of actress Akanksha Dubey is still sealed and is with the police.

bhojpuri actress akanksha dubey

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Akanksha Dubey Postporte Report: bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey There has been turmoil in the Bhojpuri film industry since his death. actress Committed suicide by hanging himself in a hotel in Sarnath. After the death of the actress, there is a wave of mourning among the stars. Since the death of Akanksha Dubey, everyone is waiting for her post-mortem report, but now the post-mortem report of the actress has arrived but it has been kept sealed by the police. After all, what is the reason that even after the arrival of the post mortem report, its information is not being shared. Although the police has already made it clear that Akanksha’s death was due to hanging.

The case of Akanksha Dubey’s suicide is getting deeper. Her family members have accused the actress’s ex-boyfriend Samar Singh and his brother of the actress’ death. Akanksha’s mother says that her daughter was being tortured continuously for the last 2-3 years. Apart from this, he was also being threatened to kill and disappear. According to Akanksha’s mother, the actress was not even given the money for her work from Samar’s side and she got the entire work done.

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Akshara Singh was called

Before committing suicide, Akanksha also shared a video on Instagram in which she was seen crying. After this video of Akanksha, the fans became very worried. Because only after stopping the video, he hanged himself by hanging on the fan. Bhojpuri industry stars paid tribute to Akanksha. Actress Akshara Singh told that before committing suicide, Akanksha had called her but due to her busy schedule, she could not pick up the call.

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took his own life at the age of 24

Akanksha used to be very active on social media and her age was also not very much. She was only 24 years old. According to the mother of the actress, she was murdered due to old enmity and it is not a suicide. At present, the police is investigating the matter and along with this, more light will come on this case when the post mortem report will come out.