Bigg Boss 15: ‘I would have slapped Salman Khan too..’ Umar Rias said after coming out of the house, was one step away from the finale

Umar Riaz Evicted, Bigg Boss 15: One mistake of Umar cost him dearly, which resulted in him coming out of the show. After coming out of Bigg Boss, Umar contacted his fans through a live session.

Salman Khan and Umar Rias on the other side

Bigg Boss 15: Since getting out of Bigg Boss Umar Riaz The fans of (Umar Riaz) are very disappointed. Along with the fans, Umar Rias also hoped that he would be a part of Bigg Boss finale. But this could not happen. Umar’s one mistake cost him heavily, the result of which was that he had to come out of the show. After coming out of Bigg Boss, Umar contacted his fans through a live session. During Insta Live, the fans were seen supporting Umar Rias and was seen showering a lot of love.

In such a situation, Riyas thanked his fans for giving so much love. Umar also thanked the Big Boss team during this live session. He said, ‘Thank you for giving me a chance. It is because of Bigg Boss that I have got a new identity.

Umar Rias even slapped Salman Khan

Umar further said for Salman Khan that- ‘If in the show Salman Khan If I had to be scolded, I would have eaten. Even if Salman Khan had slapped him in anger, he would have happily eaten with the thought that Salman Bhai has killed him.

Umar Rias spoke about the moments spent with Karan Kundra

Talking about some memorable moments of the show, Umar said that he often used to tell his friend and contestant Karan Kundrra that ‘kitna gooda hoga if you and I stand on stage together in the finals and Salman bhai raised both of us’ hands. Will be the one to announce the name of the tax winner. Whoever the winner is, it doesn’t matter.

Everything is already written – said Umar Rias

Umar said during this that he wished that he would take the Bigg Boss 15 trophy home with him but it could not happen. He further said that ‘all this is already written. The one above had to bring me here, then I had to send it out of this house, now sent it.’ Let us tell you that in the show Bid Boss 15, Umar Rias emerged as a very strong contender. When he came on the show, people knew him as the brother of Asim Rias. But while on the show, he made his special identity. After this Umar became one of the most popular contestants of the show.

Even before the news of Umar’s exit from the show was announced, Punjabi actress and Bigg Boss X contestant Himanshi Khurana had vented anger on Bigg Boss by posting a tweet. He had said without saying much that ‘if you want, get the voting done and then throw it out’.

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