Bigg Boss 16: Ankit and Priyanka fight over coffee, Priyanka cries

The day started in the Bigg Boss house with a fight between Priyanka and Ankit. Ankit said such a thing about coffee that Priyanka cried after hearing it.

Ankit Priyanka

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Ankit Priyanka in BB 16 House: Big Boss Friendship and love also flourish in K’s house. However, in this house many times even strong friendship has been seen breaking. Now Ankit and Priyanka are seen fighting over coffee in Bigg Boss house. A joke started between the two over a coffee which ended after Priyanka broke down. The friendship of both Priyanka and Ankit is very good, but a lot of saying was heard between the two on the slightest matter.

Controversy between Ankit Priyanka

The day started in the Bigg Boss house with a fight between Priyanka and Ankit. Ankit made and brought coffee for Priyanka in the morning for the first time. After which Priyanka said that you just brought me coffee once and you gave me that count today. Ankit says it does not mean to say anything, you are always right and we are always wrong. After this Priyanka says that has it ever happened that I have built your tomb with someone. Ankit says Archana…when she makes jokes, you also laugh, don’t you? After this Ankit says that my point is that I understand the joke. Priyanka says it was a joke. Ankit says or was it a joke. Priyanka says in anger, then I felt bad for your joke, don’t do it next time.

After this Priyanka says that I have fought for your share in this house as well as for my share. After this Ankit says that you have been telling this for 3 days. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it with your mind… What are you doing in this? Priyanka is unable to stop her tears after hearing this.

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Will Soundarya and Archana be friends again?

At the same time, a fight was also seen between Archana and Soundarya. First there was an argument between the two, then by hugging each other they removed their complaints from each other. Soundarya cleared Archana that she always stands for her and many times because of her Sajid Khan has spoken very dirty to her. However, later both hug each other.