Bigg Boss 16: Archana-Sajid fight, Sajid gets angry on hearing father’s name

Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: Once again there was a big fight between Archana and Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss house. The fight escalated to such an extent that both reached each other’s parents. After that what happened in the house…

Big Boss 16

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BB 16 Sajid And Archana Fight: Reality Show bigg boss 16 Everyday is a day of uproar. Arjana, who often gets into trouble in the house, clashed with Sajid Khan during the task. On the 53rd day in the Bigg Boss house, a great fight was witnessed between Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan.

A great fight broke out between Archana and Sajid

Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates in which Archana says such a thing which Sajid Khan gets irritated after hearing. Archana tells Shiv to be Fair Raja and Sajid Khan’s anger rises on hearing this. Sajid angrily says – People feel that their father runs the show. In response, Archana says- ‘If my father was so rich, he could have run Bigg Boss. You tell your father or else he will run it’. Sajid gets angry on hearing his father’s name and says to Archana – You have taken my father’s name, come down and see your status. Sajid screams with anger and says, now throw me out, it feels like a provocation, doesn’t it?

Sajid Khan wept remembering his father

While Sajid’s temperature gets high on hearing his father’s name from Archana’s mouth, on the other hand he becomes very emotional. He told crying that a 14-year-old child is going to relatives’ house by holding a rickshaw that my father has gone off, can I get anything? One of my relative said that he is not at home. My father’s liver was torn due to drinking. Blood came from his mouth and he died there. Salman Khan’s father Salim uncle supported me in this difficult time. When Papa was buried, Salim uncle was present there. He gave some money in my hand.


The fight started with the task

Let us tell you that Bigg Boss had given a task to all the family members, in which everyone has to sit in a truck and shop for ration from the mall. The members of Room of 2 sit in the truck and collect their ration together. During the task, Archana tells Shiv to be Fair Raja. Sajid Khan gets enraged by just this thing.