Bigg Boss 16: Choti Sardarni Nimrat got scolded by Bigg Boss, said- I will fire you..

Colors TV’s reality show Bigg Boss 16 has been premiered by Salman Khan. Now 16 contestants have been entered in this house. The keys of these 16 contestants are in the hands of Bigg Boss.

Big Boss scolded Choti Sardarni Nimrat

Colors TV reality show bigg boss 16 This time the game has started from day one. As soon as Bigg Boss played his own game, Nimrat Kaur was made the captain of the house. Along with the captaincy, the responsibility was entrusted to the Choti Sarrdaarni fame actress that as soon as she comes inside the contestants, she will have to decide the bedroom, bed for them and Nimrat will also order them what duty these contestants will do. Due to some decisions of Nimrat, fights had already started in the house. Yet today, on the second day, Bigg Boss himself scolded Nimrat.

Bigg Boss told all the contestants that “If Bigg Boss gives some orders, then all of you have to follow them immediately.” Further calling Nimrat’s name, Bigg Boss said that “Nimrat, you are the first captain of this house, this time I will always keep an eye on the captain of the house for 24 hours. If I feel that the captain is missing out on his captaincy, then immediately the phone will ring in the house and I will fire the captain.”

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Bigg Boss will have the right to fire the captain

Informing everyone, Bigg Boss said that this season the captain of the house can be fired by Bigg Boss at any time. Along with Nimrat, Sajid Khan and Abdu were also called in the confession by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss told Sajid Khan that “Abdu is a guest in our country, he does not know Hindi, so I want you to convey his language and Mann Ki Baat to the audience.”

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Let me tell you, the world’s smallest singer abdu rojic Liked a lot. His words and actions are entertaining the audience a lot in the Bigg Boss house. Now Sajid Khan will also be with them. It will be interesting to see how much these two together will entertain the audience.