Bigg Boss 16 Day 4 Written Update: The series of fights is not stopping in the house of Bigg Boss

In the house of Bigg Boss 14, Sajid Khan definitely tried to bring a smile on everyone’s face but this smile could stay on the face of the contestants for a long time.

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Colors TV reality show bigg boss 16 I once again got to see a lot of ruckus among the family members today. First of all, Manya Singh Tamarind actress Sumbul Tauqir Lee was seen doing evil. He said that he cannot reach the position he has achieved. He has worked in only one TV serial but these people have a lot of attitude. Although Shiv Thackeray tried to convince her that she must have done a good job, but she cannot say bad about the rest.

Priyanka and Shaleen did not like comedy

Sajid Khan once again appeared in his old style in Bigg Boss house today. His host and friend style was liked by the audience and all the contestants involved in Bigg Boss. Although his comedy was Shaleen and Priyanka Chaudhary Chahar showed the sign of ‘Thumbs Down’ to show that she did not like Sajid Khan’s comedy at all. Sajid Khan talked to Shaleen about this matter because he felt that Shaleen was playing a game with him.

Here are some glimpses of the episode of Bigg Boss

Priyanka got punishment

Despite being told repeatedly by Bigg Boss, Priyanka was doing her own work and she was also ignoring the words of Captain Nimrat. Seeing his attitude, Bigg Boss called Nimrat inside the confession room and said that the contestants who did not obey the orders of Bigg Boss in their house were ordered to hand over a responsibility. While canceling Manya’s duty, Nimrat gave that duty to Priyanka. Priyanka was very angry about this but she accepted her point.

Fight between Shiva and Soundarya

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Bigg Boss Marathi winner shiv thackeray There was a big fight between Soundarya and Soundarya today. Actually Soundarya went to Sajid’s room asking for coffee but jokingly Shiva refused to give coffee from her hand. But Soundarya took Shiva’s joke to heart and there was a big fight between the two about this matter. However, after some time, Shiva apologized to Soundarya at the behest of Shaleen.