Bigg Boss 16: Free captaincy, free ticket to finale, why is Bigg Boss kind to Nimrat?

Bigg Boss 16: For the first time in Bigg Boss 16, it has been seen where Bigg Boss himself is playing like a contestant. A lot of new things are being seen in this season.

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Big Boss 16: bigg boss 16 This is the first time I have seen where Bigg Boss himself is playing like a contestant. It is still okay to play, but along with the game, Bigg Boss is also seen doing partiality. Not once or twice, but many times the fans have been given the opportunity to question their decisions. Every time watching the game of Bigg Boss, it seems that he himself is a part of the troupe and always takes decisions in his favor.

Big Boss’s favorite contestant Nimrat!

One thing has become clear from the game of Bigg Boss that his favorite contestant is Nimrat. It is often seen on every weekend war that he gets scolded less than Salman Khan and even Bigg Boss himself does not say anything special to him for his mistakes. At the same time, Nimrat, whom she considers as her enemy, i.e. Priyanka, is seen fiercely taking classes. Priyanka has been blamed for everything she said. Then whether it is friendship, a buzzer task or you have to keep your point.

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Got captaincy three times for free

Bigg Boss made Nimrat Kaur the captain not once but three times for free. Where Priyanka has not been able to become a captain in the show even once. On the other hand, Nimrat has got this opportunity thrice with the blessings of Bigg Boss. On entering the show as the first contestant, Bigg Boss made her the captain. The second time because the troupe had already fixed before the task that Tapton would become Nimrat, even then Bigg Boss made her the captain without the task. Now in the last few weeks of the show, Bigg Boss has made Nimrat the captain again while giving the ticket to finale.

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Will Nimrat be the winner?

Why Bigg Boss is so kind to Nimrat is beyond comprehension. But seeing the whole game, it seems that all this is being done to bring Nimrat to the top 3. If seen, the task that Bigg Boss is giving to snatch the captaincy is not possible in any situation. In other words, they are completely one sided. Not only this, the troupe people i.e. Shiv, MC and Sumbul are also busy in saving Nimrat’s captaincy by leaving their respective games. In such a situation, if it continues like this, it is possible that Nimrat will win this show.