Bigg Boss 16: ‘I am shameless, you should be ashamed’… Priyanka-Sumbul got into a heated argument

Bigg Boss 16: Nomination task took place in Bigg Boss house in which each member of the house has to name any 2 members. However, Priyanka and Sumbul had a fierce fight during the task. Although the decision of nomination is in the hands of the public.

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Bigg Boss 16 Latest Episode: bigg boss 16 The upcoming episodes are going to be very interesting. To win the show, all the housemates are trying their best. Bigg Boss has announced Ticket to Finale Week this week in which Nimrit has been given the captaincy of the house. However, Bigg Boss has also made it clear that the housemates can take away the captaincy from Nimrit. For this, Big Boss is giving tasks to all the players from time to time. After Soundarya’s eviction from Bigg Boss house, once again the nomination task took place, where there was fierce debate among all the housemates. during the nomination task Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary And sumbul tauqeer There was a heated argument.

Soundarya Sharma was evicted from the house on the basis of her votes by the family members, but now the decision is in the hands of the public. During the nomination process, there was a lot of ruckus in the house. During the task, Priyanka confronts Sumbul and Nimrit, while on the other hand, Shaleen and Tina have a fierce fight. Both nominate each other. In the nomination task, Nimrit Kaur nominated Priyanka and said that she comments on other’s relationships. While supporting Shaleen, Shiv has nominated Tina Dutta. Shiv says that Shaleen’s condition is bad, yet Tina is making fun of him.

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Shaleen-Tina’s fight between nominations

Tina and Shaleen have named each other in the nominations. At the same time, while explaining the reason, the bitterness between the two also came to the fore. Both had a heated argument during the task. Tina made fun of Shaleen’s health. Even before this, Tina and Priyanka together have made fun of Shaleen’s condition. At the same time, Priyanka also nominated her taking Shaleen’s name.

Priyanka and Sumbul’s tussle

Shaleen’s name is included in the two people nominated by Priyanka in the nomination task. After this Sumbul nominates Priyanka. After this Sumbul tells Priyanka that ‘you speak the truth’. You are the idol of truth, but you are the idol of truth of convenience. You put others down. In anger, Priyanka says, ‘Don’t talk about emotions. I have gone when someone has been alone for 24 hours. I am taking all the blame on myself. I am shameless, you should be ashamed. Sumbul says, ‘Don’t consider the tears of any person as his weakness. After this Priyanka says that nothing is going to happen by speaking film dialogues.

Seeing the kind of war that is going on for the captaincy in Bigg Boss, it seems that the competition is going to get tougher in the coming days. Now it remains to be seen which member of the house will be evicted in the Weekend Ka Vaar and whether Salman Khan will put a class on Tina-Priyanka for making fun of Shaleen.