Bigg Boss 16: Morning songs will no longer play, after 15 years, Bigg Boss took this step

The makers have started the new changes in Bigg Boss 16 from day one. Interesting changes have been made in this show which has been running for 15 years from the very first day of the show.

Big Boss 16

Image Credit source: Instagram

Colors TV reality show bigg boss 16 It’s off to a great start. However, from the very first day of this show, Bigg Boss started playing the game, remembering the promises made to his audience. On the very first day, making Nimrat the captain, Bigg Boss put a gun on his shoulder and fired at the contestants. Now on the second day of the show, Bigg Boss gave a big blow to the family members with their big decision. In fact, the morning songs played in Bigg Boss house and the contestants dancing on those songs have become the identity of this show.

However, now after the completion of 15 years of the show, now Bigg Boss has decided to stop this practice which has been going on for years in the history of 15 years. The contestants who woke up dancing to the song in the morning on the second day of the show had no idea that this would be their last morning song of this house. In the video shared by Colors TV, we can see the contestants dancing fiercely.

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Contestants will go new anthem

After this dance, Bigg Boss is seen announcing that today’s wakeup song was the last wakeup song of this season. Breaking its 15-year tradition, Bigg Boss gave a new task to the contestants. Under this task, Bigg Boss gave the task of remembering the ‘Bigg Boss Anthem’ to the contestants in 5 minutes. Under this song, the contestants had to praise Bigg Boss. Now it will be interesting to see how the players of this circus complete this task.

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Has Bigg Boss started on the path of ‘lock up’?

‘Wakeup Song’ forever Big Boss being identified. But now in his place, Bigg Boss is giving the task of remembering the new show anthem to the contestants. This task is reminiscent of Ekta Kapoor’s lock-up pledge, which the contestants used to speak every morning on the show. Like Bigg Boss, Ekta Kapoor’s show also came in a lot of discussion.