Bigg Boss 16: Riots in the house for captaincy, who will be the new captain of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss News Highlights: The task was given to the housemates regarding the new captain in Bigg Boss house. In which one of the housemates Shiv, Tina and Nimrit has been given a chance to choose the next captain.

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 55 New Caption

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Bigg Boss 16 New Caption: Now it is the turn to choose the next captain in Bigg Boss house. As soon as the show starts, Shalin Sajid, Nimrit and Shiv ask Tina to choose the next captain of the house. On this, Nimrit says that I have no problem in making Tina the captain, but I cannot say that I do not want the captaincy because it does not suit me. There is a little debate between Tina and Nimrit regarding this matter. However, Ankit makes both of them understand and Tina hugs Nimrit.

Priyanka-Ankit’s planning for the new captain of Bigg Boss

While Priyanka and Ankit talk about the captaincy. Both say that Bigg Boss should choose someone from our group as the operator of the task, so that he can get a chance to get the captaincy.

who will be the next captain of bigg boss

Bigg Boss has given the housemates a task called BB Fisheries, in which the housemates have to collect fishes in baskets and add ice and salt to them. MC Steyn has been made the director of this task. He will decide which fish will be selected and which will be rejected. The fish that will be selected will be kept in the store room.

Bigg Boss next captain fight

Since Shiv is the captain of the house and Nimrit and Tina are his special royal friends, the rest of the housemates will have to defeat them in each round of competition. Three contenders have been selected for the new captain of the house which includes Shiv, Nimrit and Tina. The family members will have to defeat them and one name will have to be removed from the board and another name will be written. In this way, there will be a fight for the captaincy between the 3 contestants who will be left in the end.

Archana-Sajid clash again in Bigg Boss task

In the first round, Ankit, Sumbul and Soundarya catch fish against Nimrit, Tina and Shiva, in which Stan selects the fishes collected by Nimrit, Shiva and Tina and wins the round. While in the second round, Priyanka, Ankit and Soundarya go fishing and Archana also goes with them. Because of which MC Stan disqualifies Priyanka and other members from the round.

Sajid ran away to slap Archana

There is an argument between the family members regarding Archana’s participation in the task. Archana once again messes with Sajid. She calls Sajid unfair, on hearing which Sajid loses his temper. Sajid tries to attack Archana and says that I want to slap her only once. With this the task ends.