Bigg boss 16 Sajid khan tries to beat archana gautam in bigg boss latest promo video

Bigg Boss: New updates are coming from the house of Bigg Boss 16. In the recent episode, it was seen how Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam are seen fighting with each other. After watching the episode, there is a lot of discussion about Sajid and Archana in the social media. Many people are praising Archana. People are venting their anger on Sajid. It looks like more tussle can be seen in the Bigg Boss house in the coming days.

Looking at the way the eliminations are happening in Bigg Boss, everyone is struggling to stay here. In the recent video, it was seen that all the contestants are sitting in a car, which is part of the task given by Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, Sajid says something to Archana. After this, there is a lot of heat in both. Archana Gautam has been a strong one of the show since the beginning. Entertaining Has been a contestant.

It happened during the task that Sajid tells Archana- ‘She has been thrown out crying. Don’t take it out On this Archana says- ‘Somebody should learn from you to blackmail’. Responding to this, Sajid tells Archana- ‘People feel that the show is run by their father.’ Giving a befitting reply to this, Archana tells Sajid- ‘Had my father been so rich, he would have run the show. You tell your father that he should run the show. What was it then, on hearing this, Sajid gets furious and says to Archana – You have so much status, come on. How did you take my father’s name? On this Archana says, ‘Go to my mother later, first go to your father. I will tear it and keep it, let’s go.’

After this, an angry Sajid runs to kill Archana. But Shiv Thackeray and MC stop them. After watching this promo everyone is praising Archana. People are also saying that it is Archana who has the guts to say anything to Sajid. The rest of the contestants just keep roaming in front of Sajid.



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