Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen breaks her promise, Sajid will target in stand up

Relationships change in an instant in the Bigg Boss house. Sometimes someone is a best friend, sometimes it does not take a long time to become an enemy. The situation of Bigg Boss season 16 is also looking similar.

Filmmaker Sajid Khan

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Season 16 of Bigg Boss has started with fights and fights. bigg boss 16 There is a lot of debate these days between Sajid Khan and Shaleen Bhanot. This debate started when Shaleen Bhanot during the nomination process Sajid Khan Nominated. Due to this nomination, Sajid Khan was already irritated with Shaleen that now something is going to happen in the upcoming episode too, which will create more heat between these two.

Actually, in today’s episode of October 4, Bigg Boss has organized a stand-up comedy event. Sajid Khan will also be seen doing stand up comedy in this event. But here comes a twist. While doing comedy, Sajid Khan will be seen fiercely targeting his co-contestant Shaleen Bhanot.

Sajid got angry on Shaleen while doing stand up comedy

This anger of Sajid Khan will come out on Shaleen because he is upset with TV actor Shaleen nominating him. Sajid is more upset with this, because Shaleen considered him as his brother before coming into the house, and after coming home he broke his promise and nominated Sajid.

Bigg Boss has also shared a promo of the upcoming episode on Colors TV. In this promo you will see that while standing up, Sajid points towards Shaleen and says – After Bigg Boss, the second voice of the house is decent. Before coming here you were telling me that you are the second brother of Farah. So why nominated me, why… why?

After this stand up, Shaleen and Sajid are seen in the ground of the house. There seems to be an argument between the two. Sajid angrily says to Shaleen- You nominated me yesterday as well and is still thumbing down. What is this… Which brother are you? After this, Shaleen tells Sajid whether to listen to you or not now. You are fingering me, did I say something? On this, Sajid tells Shaleen that brother don’t play games with me. Responding to this question of Sajid, Shaleen says why are you here again?

Watch the new promo video of Bigg Boss season 16 here

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Let us tell you that Sajid Khan has been working for a long time. film world were away from. Meanwhile, allegations of sexual abuse were also leveled against him. Now Sajid Khan has resorted to Bigg Boss season 16 to clear his image. However, once again Sajid Khan has started being surrounded by being a part of Bigg Boss. Sona Mohapatra has also targeted Bigg Boss for making Sajid Khan a part of the show.