Bigg Boss 16: This person reached the house to be Sumbul’s support, Tina-Shaleen sweat

Bigg Boss 16: The first wild card entry is going to happen in Bigg Boss 16. Anyone would be happy to see that. So the tension of some family members may increase.

Sumbul Touqeer

Image Credit source: Instagram: Sumbul Touqeer

Bigg Boss 16 Update: bigg boss 16 Almost half of its journey has been completed. Everyday new spectacles are being seen in the show. While there was a fierce fight between Archana and Sajid Khan on the previous day, Shaleen and Tina will be seen venting their anger on Sumbul. No new issue should arise every day in the show, how can this happen? Talking about the past, people did not like Sajid Khan’s overreacting. At the same time, the whole house also appeared against Archana.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 16 is going to be the first wild card entry. In fact, today it will be seen in the show that Shaleen will be seen lashing out at Sumbul while presenting his explanation. In the new promo, the actor is seen saying that when told to stay away, stay away and he kicks the table. On which Sumbul cries and says that when did she go to him. After which Tina turns red with anger and hits her hand on the wall. Seeing all this spectacle, Sumbul’s health deteriorates.

At the same time, to become the support of Sumbul in the show, the first wild card entry is going to happen. Sumbul’s special friend has entered the show. Seeing whom the actress is not able to contain happiness. The makers of the show have shared a new promo. Which begins with Bigg Boss announcing that the first wild card entry is taking place in the house. All the contestants become active on hearing this. Bigg Boss further says that in such a situation all the family members should come to the living area. Then there is proud entry in the house. On seeing them, Sumbul runs away and hugs them and becomes emotional.

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In the promo where it is shown on one side that Sumbul expresses her happiness on seeing Fahman. On the other hand, Tina is seen grimacing on seeing Fahman. After which Shaleen puts his hand on Tina’s shoulder and goes towards the room. Social media users are very fond of Fahman’s entry. Now it is believed that after getting Fahman’s support, Sumbul will now play sorrow well and will give a befitting reply to Shaleen and Tina.