Bigg Boss 16: Tina-Shaleen’s parents target Sumbul’s father, watch video

Today in the house of Bigg Boss 16, in Friday’s war, Salman Khan invited the parents of Shaleen Bhanot, Tina Dutta and Sumbul on the stage of Bigg Boss.

Sumbul Khan’s father and Tina Dutta’s mother clash with each other

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bigg boss season 16 now tina dutta sumbul tauqeer khan And Shaleen Bhanot is seen roaming in between. Let us tell you, now their parents have also joined the fight of the three, although Sumbul’s father has already reached to support Sumbul in the show. But this time Tina Dutta’s mother and Shaleen Bhanot’s father will also be seen supporting their children. A new promo has been released by Bigg Boss in which Shaleen’s father Tina Dutta’s mother and Sumbul’s father are seen together on the stage of Bigg Boss.

Serious allegations leveled against Sumbul’s father Tauqeer Khan

Host Salman Khan also made serious allegations against Sumbul’s father Tauqeer Khan and said that you feel that your daughter is being exploited the most in the house, after this Shaleen’s father is seen saying that Tauqeer Khan you are from outside. They are busy trying to run Big Boss, this matter did not settle down here, but after this, Tina’s mother took everyone’s class and said that “Our children are playing in Big Boss, we have not sent them to Kinder Garden.”

Know what Sumbul’s father has to say

Responding to this, Sumbul’s father said, “Whatever your daughter does, the wrong things she says against my daughter, do you think it is all right.” On this Tina’s mother says,” Yes you and your daughter are right, everything else is wrong. Seeing the new promo of Bigg Boss 16, the audience is looking very excited, many users have commented.

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Know what is the reaction of the fans

A social media user wrote that I feel sorry for Sumbul. She does nothing but still the whole week passes around her. The same user wrote that Sumbul is being made a scapegoat in order to cover up Sajid Khan’s case.