Bigg Boss Controversy: Big controversies happened in Bigg Boss so far, read full news

There is an old relationship between Bigg Boss and Controversy. Bigg Boss 16 is going to start from today. Before the start of this show, let’s take a look at the controversies related to the show.

Big controversies so far in Bigg Boss

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Colors TV reality show Big Boss The most controversial show in the TV industry, can you ever imagine Bigg Boss house without any controversies? off course not. Every season of Bigg Boss 16 has been associated with squabbles, fights and relationship scandals. Whenever fans’ favorite celebrity contestants weep bitterly on TV, their fans express their anger on social media. But this show of Bigg Boss is not behind in entertaining the audience at all. There is as much comedy as there are fights and tears in this show.

This year also, with the 16th season, Bigg Boss is once again coming back on TV. Like every time, this time too the host of the show will be Salman Khan. Ahead of the telecast of Bigg Boss 16, let’s take a look at some of the controversial and spicy moments of the show, which the viewers still remember.

Nepotism means attack of nepotism

In Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya had stirred controversy when he accused Jaan Kumar Sanu of being a product of nepotism. He had said that I would like to nominate Jaan Kumar Sanu because I hate nepotism. Whoever has come in this show, he has come on the basis of his hard work. Jaan is on the show because he is the son of a celebrity. This comment of Rahul was not liked by Salman along with other contestants and a lot was told to Rahul Vaidya on this matter.

Reacting to this, Jan Kumar Sanu said, “I am lucky that Kumar Sanu is my father, not everyone’s fate can be like mine. But I also want to tell you that my parents got separated when my mother was 6 months pregnant, my mother has brought me up and she is both my mother and father. Father Kumar Sanu recognizes my talent, that’s why he supports me. I am worried about my mother that if I am here, who will be taking care of her.”

When Swami Om threw urine on others

Swami Om was one of the most dangerous and spoiled contestants of Bigg Boss, during the captaincy task in the same show, Swami Om filled his urine in a bottle and then threw it on a group of other contestants including Bani J. After this act of his, he was ordered to leave the house immediately. Swami Om, who described himself as a self-styled godman and a celibate, had also made lewd comments on the women living in the house. He died on February 3 last year at the age of 63.

what is this behavior pooja

Even today, a lot of reels are made of Bigg Boss 5 contestant Pooja Mishra. He was eliminated because of his attitude i.e. ‘behavior’. In one episode, when Contestant Shonali Nagrani asked Pooja to put the wiper back after she finished dusting, Pooja got furious. Her action gave rise to many viral memes. Hearing Shonali’s talk, he got so angry that he broke the wiper and started shouting. The piece of his broken wiper could have hurt the other contestant, however that contestant survived. Apart from this, another dialogue of Pooja “Talk to my hand” also became very famous.

Dolly Bindra’s famous Panga

Dolly Bindra was one of the loudest and most disturbing contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. This contestant of Bigg Boss Season 4 only kept screaming throughout the season. Actor-turned-politician Manoj Tiwari was refused to serve eggs by Dolly Bindra and told him to ‘finish what is left first’. Attacking him, Manoj Tiwari said that ‘the kitchen does not belong to anyone’s father’. Hearing this, Dolly got furious and she shouted, “Don’t go to the father, I will cut it here and there. Don’t go to the father. This dialogue of his is very famous even today.

When Simmba Nagpal called Umar Riaz a “terrorist”

In the November 2 episode of Bigg Boss 15, Simmba Nagpal called Umar Riaz a terrorist during a task and after a heated argument, Simmba pushed Umar into the swimming pool. His terrorist remarks did not go down well with the audience and Simmba was pulled up on social media, with Umar getting support from everywhere. Umar’s brothers Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana supported Umar.

When Afsana accused Simmba and Prateek of touching her inappropriately

On the 33rd day in the Bigg Boss 15 house, Afsana Khan made some serious allegations against Prateek Sahajpal and Simmba Nagpal. Afsana accused him of touching her inappropriately during the coconut task. While Jai Bhanushali, Shamita Shetty and others supported Simmba and Prateek and denied Afsana’s allegations, then Prateek and Simmba were able to play their task.

Controversy between MNS and Jan Kumar Sanu

Jaan Kumar Sanu made a comment on the Marathi language, on which a controversy arose. After which Jan Kumar Sanu had to apologize to the people of Maharashtra.

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There were some contestants in Bigg Boss who were unable to handle the rules of the show. Big Boss In Season 2, Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhary, Zulfi Syed and Ashutosh Kaushik tried to leave the house by breaking the main door. At the same time, in BB 7, Kushal Tandon tried to climb the wall of the house to jump out. Later everyone was thrown out, and severely punished.