Bigg Boss marathi season 4 contestant vikas sawant says my height is my power also being compared to bigg boss 16 contestant abdu rozik

Big Boss Marathi , The talk of Bigg Boss house is very special. Any member who comes here is not seen by his appearance or his dress but only by his ability. Be it Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rojik or Bigg Boss Marathi’s Vikas Sawant. Bigg Boss recognized his inner potential. Abdu has won everyone’s heart since Bigg Boss 16. And this is the reason why he has been continuously ruling the number one position of the top contestant. The whole world is watching the magic that 3 feet tall Abdu Rojik has cast on the audience. So Vikas Sawant of Bigg Boss Marathi tells his height as his strength.

Vikas is a choreographer by profession

big boss marathi Contestant Vikas Sawant is also rocking this season. Vikas is a choreographer by profession. Vikas, who described his height as his power, said that earlier people used to make fun of my height. Because of which I used to consider myself very low. But ever since I participated in India’s Got Talent in the year 2009, my life changed completely. I am filled with confidence.

Got recognition from India’s Got Talent

Vikas now feels himself very special. Now he doesn’t mind someone teasing him. He further said that people used to advise him to work in the circus. But he did not listen to anyone and focused on his career. They Big Boss Marathi has the lowest height contestants and is doing better. Vikas told that when he narrated the information about being selected in Bigg Boss to his family members, they could not believe it. Vikas said that mother has asked me to be real. Vikas’s father told him, go son, hit the fours, just don’t give trouble to anyone because of yourself. Vikas said that my height was not normal, due to which people not only made fun of me but also asked me to work in the circus. But my father was with me, he refused.

Vikas Sawant has also worked in films

Vikas Sawant has also worked as a delivery boy. Vikas got a new identity from India’s Got Talent. Vikas worked in a choreographer’s room with many big stars like Salman Khan, Sunny Leone after India’s Got Talent. Let us tell you that Vikas Sawant runs his own YouTube channel. Not only this, he said in the year 2019 that he has also dated a foreign girl for 6 years. Vikas has also worked in many films.



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