Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sahajpal’s sister warns brother, keep some distance from Neha Bhasin…

The Family Day episodes in Bigg Boss OTT were very emotional. If someone’s sister came, then someone’s mother, all the contestants spoke openly to their family members. At the same time, Pratik Sehajpal became very emotional on this Family Day, when he saw his sister inside the house. Prerna had come to motivate her brother in Bigg Boss house. Seeing his sister Prerna, Prateek Sahajpal could not hold back his tears.

Prerna told Pratik not to let his emotionality dominate his game. While explaining to his brother, Prerna also warned him about his and Neha Bhasin’s relationship. Prerna told Pratik to keep some distance from Neha Bhasin. He said- There is a little thin line, you need to understand a little bit. There is a limit in everything. How do those who are watching outside feel?

Warning to stay away from Neha Bhasin

On this matter of Prerna, Pratik tells her that he and Neha are only good friends. However, his sister still said that he should keep a limited distance from Neha Bhasin. After the departure of the sister, Prateek felt that Neha herself was living far away from him and talked to Neha about it. On this Neha told Pratiki that when both of them have been warned by their respective sisters, they should try and keep distance. Let us tell you that Neha Bhasin’s sister also gave him some similar advice.

While explaining to Pratik, Neha Bhasin told him that I am worried about the way we live with each other. If I were single, nobody would have bothered. Further, Neha said that our friendship has no meaning when only our family members do not understand us. He asked Pratik to understand what was explained by his sister, so that their family does not face problems due to their friendship. However, Pratik Sahajpal did not seem to agree with Neha Bhasin and told Neha that he wanted to always cherish his friendship with Neha.

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