Bigg Boss Ott: Shocking news for fans, Bigg Boss kicks this popular contestant out of the house

Singer Neha Bhasin has been evicted from Bigg Boss OTT recently. This is shocking news for Neha’s fans. Neha has entertained everyone a lot so far. Neha’s elimination has shocked everyone and the family members also bid farewell to Neha with moist eyes.

Actually, Bigg Boss called all the family members in the garden area. Bigg Boss again called the top 4 contestants who have reached the finale. First he took the name of Divya Agarwal. This was followed by Nishant Bhatt, Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal.

After this the bottom 2 contestants were Rakesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin. Both then thank all the other contestants for taking care of them. Neha specially says thank you to Prateek. At the same time, Rakesh then says thank you to Shamita and promises that if he gets eliminated, he will definitely meet her outside.

Bigg Boss then asks both to go to a different door and open the other door from which they will go out. Neha and Rakesh first go inside the door and Rakesh enters inside the house while Neha gets eliminated.

Everyone gets shocked by Neha’s departure and Shamita becomes very emotional. Neha was very close to Shamita and Prateek.

Prateek’s sister advised to stay away from Neha

Recently, when all the contestants’ housemates come to the show, they also have Prateek’s sister. Prateek’s sister advises him to stay away from Neha. She says that everything has a limit, keep it. It’s not looking good outside.

Neha started living away from the symbol

Neha distanced herself from Prateek after listening to his sister’s advice. On the other hand, when Prateek talks to Neha about this, she says that both of our sisters have advised us to stay away, so we should stay away. I don’t want it to have any bad consequences. Actually, Neha’s sister had also asked her to distance herself from the symbol. But who knew that she would be so far away from Prateek that she would be out of the house.

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