Bigg Boss Ott: The actor’s ex-wife Riddhi’s reaction to the romance of Rakesh and Shamita, said- this is his…

The popular contestants of Bigg Boss OTT are Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. Both are close to each other since the beginning of the show and gradually their closeness is increasing. Not only this, the fans have also named the pair ‘Shara’.

Although the distance between the two had started coming between the two and fighting was also going on, but recently, resolving all the disputes, Rakesh has called Shamita as Love You. The chemistry fans of both are still very much liked. The video of this moment of Rakesh and Shamita is becoming very viral on social media.

Now the reaction of the actor’s ex-wife Riddhi Dogra on the romance of Rakesh and Shamita has come to the fore. Riddhi says she is happy for Rakesh. Actually, in an interview, Riddhi was asked that if Rakesh and Shamita want to explore their relationship more after the show, then what is their reaction on this? To this Riddhi said, ‘If Rakesh is happy then I am happy. This is his personal space.

Thank you Rakesh

Riddhi said that she is very happy to see Rakesh playing in the show. He said, ‘He is as he is seen in the show. If more than 2 people are with him, then he is a crowd for him. They don’t like to shout. He only talks to people with whom he is comfortable or whom he trusts.

Riddhi further praised Nishant and said, ‘Nishant Bhatt is also playing a good game and he is also my good friend. He wanted to be a part of this show for a long time and he is playing brilliantly. He is entertaining everyone a lot. I feel like I am watching Friends show Nishant, Rakesh and earlier when Riddhima Pandit was a part of this show.

Let us tell you that earlier, when Kashmera Shah had commented on Rakesh that Rakesh has been described as Joru’s slave. He said that Rakesh does what Shamita and Divya Agarwal say. Kashmera had commented, ‘Congratulations Rakesh, you are becoming a slave of Joru again.’ Riddhima replied to Kashmira’s comment, ‘Again? Please don’t make such bad comments.

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