Bigg Boss- Sumbul’s father lied, took undue advantage on the pretext of illness

Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman Khan: There is going to be fierce fighting in the weekend war in Bigg Boss. Salman Khan narrated the conversation of Sumbul’s father to the family members and said that he took undue advantage by pretending to be ill.

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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 56:Big Boss The viewers eagerly wait for the Weekend Ka Vaar. weekend ka vaar In this, Salman fiercely classes the family members. However, for the last few days, BIG is being accused of defending Sumbul. After trolling Sumbul’s conversation with father today Big Boss Reversing the matter, we are going to present it in a different way. today Salman Khan Narrate the conversation of Sumbul’s father to the family members. This promo of Bigg Boss is becoming quite viral.

The real game of Bigg Boss is ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’

In this promo, Salman is making the family members listen to the conversation between Sumbul and his father. Bigg Boss says that we were lied to and the conversation was taken advantage of. Shaleen and Tina get angry after listening to Sumbul’s father. Sumbul’s father told Shaleen on national television to stay away from him. He had commented about Tina and Shaleen and told both of them ‘bastards’. Stay away from them.

Narrated Sumbul’s father’s conversation to the family

On hearing this, both Shaleen and Tina started raining on Sumbul. Shalin got so angry that he kicked the vase kept on the table in front of him and threw it down. In Weekend Ka Vaar, there can be a big fight in the house on this whole issue.

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The housemates of Tina, Shaheen and Sumbul will come face to face in Weekend Ka Vaar!

At the same time, a promo is going viral on social media in which Shaleen-Tina’s parents are going to be seen talking to Sumbul’s father. In this promo, Shaleen’s father and Tina’s mother tell Sumbul’s father that you are not seeing that you have come from ICU. He is looking very well, this whole thing is happening in front of Salman.