Bigg Boss warns Nimrit by calling her in the confession room, says – may have to go out soon

Bigg Boss 16 News Update: Now the game is getting more interesting in Bigg Boss 16 house. Ankit Gupta is the new captain of the house, after which Bigg Boss called some people to the confession room and warned them about the game.

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Bigg Boss 16 Latest Episode: As time passes in Bigg Boss, the game becomes more difficult. There are many changes in the behavior of the players in the house. This time Bigg Boss himself is also fully involved among the players. Sometimes he teases a player and sometimes he is seen giving class to someone. However, there were many occasions when Bigg Boss also guided the housemates like a guardian. In such a situation, after completion of 60 days, Bigg Boss called many players to the confession room and talked to them. in this bigg boss 16 I have been queen Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia Seeing K’s game, Bigg Boss warns him.

The game of Choti Sardarni i.e. Nimrit Kaur in Bigg Boss is confusing people a bit. Whenever it comes to becoming the captain in the house, Nimrit becomes completely active, but as soon as the tenure of the captaincy ends, she disappears somewhere.

Big Boss warns Nimrit Kaur

Let us tell you that Nimrit is such a player of Bigg Boss who has become the captain for the maximum number of times in season 16. Now when Nimrit’s term as queen for the third time was over, Bigg Boss called her to the confession room and explained many things to her. Bigg Boss said- ‘Looking at the way she is running in the game and is not able to understand her priority, she can be shown the door of the left side i.e. the way out of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss clearly said that if you keep playing like this, you may have to go out soon.

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Bigg Boss has also explained to Shiva

You will remember that a few days ago, Bigg Boss had also called Shiv in the confession room. He had said that Shiv is spoiling his game by following Sajid Khan. The same thing was also explained to Nimrit. Bigg Boss told Nimrit, ‘Ankit has become the captain today and Sajid sir is also safe. Sajid had to save Sumbul, you saved him. He had to save Tina, Shiva saved her. Where are you both today? When Nimrit started clarifying on this, Bigg Boss said, ‘The truth is very bitter and hard hitting. Let me show you what your reality will be after a few days. After this Nimrit asked to show, then Bigg Boss said, ‘There is a door on your left hand, which will take you straight to your home. You might have more fun watching this game while sitting at home watching it on TV.