Biker snatched expensive gold chain from Armaan Malik sitting in the car, chased but could not catch him

Armaan Malik Image Credit source: YouTube Screenshot

youtuber Armaan Malik In the life of where the happiness of the arrival of three of their children has come together. At the same time, a bad accident has also happened with him. Armaan Malik shares everything related to his life with everyone through his videos. In such a situation, with his new video, Armaan Malik has revealed how two boys pulled the chain from his neck.

You heard it right, in fact it can be seen in the new vlog that the video starts with Payal and Kritika. Payal and Kritika are preparing to go back to their sister-in-law. For which he has also shown a glimpse of what he has given to him as neg. Apart from this, both Armaan’s wives were seen performing puja, which is done a month after the birth of the child.

Further in the video, Armaan is seen sitting in his car and he tells everyone that two boys came, asked the way and took away his heavy chain. After which Lag shows everyone the marks on his neck. When Armaan goes home and tells this news to both his wives, both of them get upset. After which Payal also tells an anecdote about how a man was following her when she went shopping with Kritika.

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Armaan has described his gold chain as 11 tolas. Let me tell you, before this, Armaan Malik’s car has also been stolen once. In such a situation, social media users also say that these people keep stealing something or the other every day, sometimes a car or sometimes a chain. In the video, Armaan is seen asking his wives to keep calm. Let me tell you, the Malik family remains on the target of the users for their personal life. Due to the father of two wives and four children, people troll Armaan even after seeing him doing gym with a third woman.