Bill and Melinda Gates divorce with assets worth Rs 96,20,000 lakh crore, Gates Foundation’s work will continue

One of the richest celebrities in the world and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have decided to divorce after 27 years of marriage. According to a report by NDTV, the wealth of Bill Gates has been reported to be around $ 130 billion (about Rs 96,20,000 lakh crore). In fact, the name of this couple of tech world has been known for making money as well as giving the most donations. Bill and Melinda Gates gave this information to the public through a joint tweet.

Bill and Melinda Gates married 27 years ago in 1994. Bill Gates and his wife are counted among the world’s top couples in donating. According to a report, Bill and Melinda Gates have donated more than 2.25 lakh crore properties since 1994.

Gates Foundation started after marriage

Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft in the year 2000. After this the couple formed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to do good for the people. The purpose of this institution was to help people through charity all over the world. Actually Bill and Melinda Gates believe that charity has an important role in eradicating poverty from the world. The aim of both of these is to provide better health facility to the poor people in the world.

Rich even after donating the most

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are said to have donated a large part of their wealth. Despite this, this couple is among the top rich in the world. Bill Gates gave the news of his divorce via tweet. He wrote in the tweet that in the last 27 years, we have raised three children and created a wonderful organization that helps people around the world to live health and a better life.
Foundation work will continue even further

Bill Gates said in his tweet that we will keep our faith in this mission of charity and continue to work for this foundation even further, but we feel that as a couple we do not move forward together in the next phase of our lives. Can increase. Gates Foundation was launched by Bill and Melinda in the year 2000 and both of them are trustees of this institution.

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