Binance resolves Dogecoin issues after Twitter feud with Elon Musk

People holding the crypto coin Dogecoin are outraged by the technical difficulties with withdrawals on Binance. Dogecoin’s withdrawal was closed on crypto exchange Binance for the past few weeks. Tesla’s head Elon Musk also protested on Twitter about this. However, Binance has now restored Dogecoin’s withdrawal. Along with this, the exchange has also given information about this problem in a blog post. Binance has also announced an upgrade to the Dogecoin wallet.

Binance has Told that the withdrawal has resumed after a two-week hiatus. The reason for this interruption was a problem with the database after a network upgrade. Binance said, “What started with an upgrade turned out to be a problem with Dogecoin not being able to be withdrawn on Binance. This was unfortunate for Binance, the DOGE network, and those holding Dogecoin.”

The exchange, after seeing the transactions related to Dogecoin, has said that many users got old transactions while updating the wallet of this mime coin. Binance was the only exchange to face this problem and because of this, the user’s displeasure was high.

Elon Musk, chief executive officer of American electric car maker Tesla and one of the big supporters of Dogecoin, tweeted about this problem. Binance has assured its users that the exchange is working with all stakeholders to ensure secure crypto transactions.

To overcome this problem of Binance and Dogecoin After giving information about the resumption of withdrawal, the price of this token also increased. It was up more than 9 percent in the past day at around $0.22.

The meme token Dogecoin started out as a joke but quickly grew into a popular token. After Elon Musk’s tweet related to Dogecoin, its price had increased. Along with this, the number of people buying it also increased. It is included in the 10 largest crypto tokens by market cap.


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