Birth Anniversary: ​​Rajendra Kumar wanted to play this role in Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’, but the matter could not be made

Today is the birth anniversary of veteran actor Rajendra Kumar. Rajendra Kumar was one of the most talented actors of Hindi cinema. Rajendra Kumar was the only artist whose successive films tasted success at the box office. Rajendra Kumar was called by the name of Jubilee Kumar for this reason. He started his film career in 1950. That Dilip Kumar and Nargis starrer film Female monk I was seen in a small role.

After that he appeared in more than 80 films. However, he got recognition in the film released in 1955. promise From. This film was Rajendra Kumar’s first silver jubilee. Rajendra Kumar. Dil Ek Mandir, Wish, my lover And confluence He gave many superhit films to Hindi cinema in the 60s, but by the time of the 70s, his charm in the industry was starting to end. That is because this was the period when the luck of Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka shone.

Rajendra Kumar wanted to play this character in Don

Seeing his career going downhill, Rajendra Kumar was looking for a character who was similar to his age but impressive enough to stay in the industry. Meanwhile, Rajendra Kumar came to know that director Chanda Barot is making a film. This film was released in 1978 Don. The story of this film is written by Salim Khan.

Rajendra Kumar came to know that the filmmaker Don Looking for financier for In such a situation, Rajendra Kumar did the film from the front. Don The proposal to finance was put in front of Chandra Barot and Salim Khan. In this connection, one day Salim and Chandra met Rajendra Kumar. Annu Kapoor tells in one of his shows that when Salim Khan and Chandra Barot started discussing the story, Rajendra Kumar put a condition to play the role of a police officer in talks.

Salim and Chandra did not like Rajendra’s advice

Same character as in the film by actor Iftekhar Don was performed in. Salim and Chandra did not object to giving the role, but when Rajendra Kumar started increasing his role and giving more consultations about it, Salim and Chandra’s mind got spoiled. For a long time, Rajendra kept giving advice about the film. Then when the meeting was over and they both came out of Rajendra’s office, Salim Khan told Chandra Barot that this matter would not settle.

Salim Khan’s words turned out to be true. After this, the role of a police officer came out of the hands of Rajendra Kumar, as well as he did not get a chance to finance the film. Rajendra Kumar’s film like this Don The wish to join could not be fulfilled.

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