Birthday Special: Lucky Ali has been very unlucky in personal life, today after 3 marriages he is ‘single’

Bollywood’s famous singer Lucky Ali is celebrating his birthday today. Lucky Ali is considered to be the singing sensation of Bollywood. Singer had made pop culture a different place in Bollywood during his time. Lucky Ali, who is fond of living a cool life, these days only performs in festivals and charges hefty fees. Lucky Ali prefers to live a separate life away from mainstream singing, where he lives only for songs. Even today, he becomes a part of the big music festival in college and climbs the stage and surprises people with his best songs.

The audience has given the voice of Lucky Ali a place in their hearts. whom they also know. Today he is away from films, he is living life in loneliness. Let us tell you, Lucky Ali is the son of famous comedian Mehmood Ali. Lucky’s mother was made by famous actress Meena Kumari. Very few people know that the real name of Lucky Ali is Maqsood Ali. The relationship between Lucky Ali and his father Comedian Mahmood Ali was not good from the beginning. Because Mahmud could not give time to anyone at home due to work. Because of which Lucky Ali got addicted to drugs. Because of this, Mehmood Ali also made a film named ‘Dushman Duniya’. Lucky Ali refused to work in this film.

Lucky Ali’s Personal Life

Lucky had three marriages, his first marriage to actress Meghan Jane McCleary. Meghan and Lucky first met at the YMCA when he went there with his brother. There was a friendship between Lucky and Meghan and then this friendship turned into love. Meghan was from New Zealand. Where Lucky’s brother told him that he should marry Meghan, after which Lucky proposed Meghan for marriage. After marrying Lucky, Meghan converted to Islam and changed her name to Maymunah. Lucky had two children from Meghan. But after a few years, the pair of these two separated from each other.

Lucky wanted 2 marriages

Lucky always told Meghan that he would have two weddings, but Meghan always took it as a joke. Meghan was convinced of this when Lucky got married again. After 4 years of marrying Meghan, Lucky got married again.

Lucky had his second marriage with Parsi woman Anahita in 2000. Lucky fell in love with Anahita at first sight. Lucky did not delay and married Anahita and had 2 children from her too. After marriage, Anahita adopted Islam and changed her name to Inaya.

Lucky Ali’s third marriage

In 2009, Lucky Ali met Kate Elizabeth Hallam. Kate has also been a British beauty queen. The two met on the sets of a film in Bangalore. Where this pair married each other in the year 2010. Elizabeth was 25 years younger than Lucky. After marrying Lucky, Kate also changed her religion and changed her name to Ayesha. Lucky and Ayesha also had a son. This relationship of Lucky also caught someone’s eye and in 2017 the pair had to separate. But together these two are still raising their child.

Lucky Ali lives in Goa

Lucky Ali has proved to be quite unlucky in his personal life. But his songs are still very much liked by everyone. Where he now lives in Goa.

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