Birthday Special: ‘Now will frame his best friend’, when Sudhir Chaudhary took a dig at the lyrics of Honey Singh’s songs; Questions were raised on the thoughts of the rapper

Honey Singh Birthday: At that time, Honey Singh’s rap songs were becoming super hit one after the other, which were on the tongues of even the grown-ups.

Honey Singh Birthday: Rapper Honey Singh

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There was a time when the music world (Music World) in rapper Honey Singh (Honey Singh) in his songs ‘Yo Yo’ ,Yo-Yo Honey Singh) had created an uproar. At that time, Honey Singh’s rap songs were becoming super hit one after the other, which were on the tongue of even the big kids. These songs were fine according to the adult. But when the ‘limitations of words’ started breaking in the songs, the parents were called Honey Singh (Rapper Honey SinghObjection was started on the songs of ). Especially the little children who were singing Honey Singh’s rap songs by making yo-yo sign with small fingers, due to this the parents of the children got worried. In such a situation, journalist Sudhir Chaudhary once interviewed Honey Singh, in which the journalist had done a good class of rapper.

Honey Singh had to face tough questions

However, even Honey Singh did not fall weak in front of him. Honey Singh answered every question very directly and clearly. Let us tell you, today is Honey Singh’s birthday, with this Honey Singh has turned 38 today i.e. on March 15. Sudhir Chaudhary once asked Honey Singh about his songs and his lyrics and said- ‘I present some of your own lyrics in front of you, ‘I apply, you have said, now I will trap his best friend. Will take him on long drive. I will burn him, I will torment him. Today I will teach a lesson to my ex.

Honey Singh also gave clarification

To this, Honey Singh smiled and replied – ‘These are not my thoughts. I live in this society. I will sing it too, who else will sing it. Now all are not singers. This is the voice of youth. I am not a rock star or a superstar, I am the voice of youth. They say these things everyday, I sit in them. I go out in hiding or wearing a hood. I am doing the same till today because I have to do what they are talking about. Now why so many people have joined this youth? Because they thought that he is speaking only what we speak. He is speaking like us. I am not from any film industry. I am not from a big house. That boy is their launch, the media is released. After 10 years of my career, I turned from music director to rap artist. Then became a little national artist.

On this the rapper was asked that – have you become such an artist who promotes rap? In such a situation, while clarifying, Honey Singh had said – No at all, never in my life have I sung a song that promotes rape. I have never sung that song ‘Main Hoon Rappi’.

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