Birthday Special: Sometimes like this, I scold and you are afraid… this is the magic of Vishal Bhardwaj, it will not leave my mind

Vishal has a mine of ability. He is a director, a producer, a musician, a singer. First of all he is a cricketer. The situation became such that it got hurt and then the father’s shadow got up.

Vishal Bhardwaj

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Thursday is the day. The time is 10.30 am on my way from home to office. The car has a habit of tuning the radio as soon as the steering is handled. Tune the radio to the song – O sathi re din dobe na. This song from movie Omkara Vishal Bhardwaj has sung. Today is Vishal’s birthday, that’s why his songs are playing more. Vishal does not sing much but he has sung this song in a broken way. The song touches the heart directly. There is also Gulzar’s pen and Vishal’s music in the song which stops everything. You see the lyrics of the song-

Oh friend, don’t the day sink

let’s stop the day

run after the sun

Don’t touch the shade.

The distance from home to office is not much. I have reached office, but this song is not coming from my mind. Maybe it won’t even…

When the tired sun rises through the river

If you step on green moss, you will slip

you hold me down, let me drop the net

I’ll take you on the back

Teri Meri Atti Batti


Re jaiyo na o pihu re

Oh pihu re na jaiyo na…

‘Giant’ mountain of ability

Vishal has a mine of ability. He is a director, a producer, a musician, a singer. First of all he is a cricketer. The situation became such that it got hurt and then the father’s shadow got up. Otherwise, what do you know, even in the Indian cricket team of the eighties and nineties, you would have seen him. Well, this discussion again. A song has immersed itself in different aspects of Vishal’s personality. The scenes of his films of the last nearly two decades are roaming in front of his eyes. The characters of Maqbool, Omkara, Haider have become completely fresh in the mind.

Mian Maqbool and Abba ji from the film Maqbool, Omi from the film Omkara, Haider Mir from the film Haider, it seems that all these characters are sitting somewhere side by side. Apart from this, Vishal has made many more films, which can be discussed at length. But hardly anyone can do such a transformation of Shakespeare. These adaptations are so ugly that you do not even think that this story is an adaptation of an English work. Ruskin Bond’s works have also been adapted into films by Vishal Bhardwaj, you look at those films, you will believe that he is a giant master of ‘adaptation’ or adaptation.

Relationship with Gulzar

Vishal Bhardwaj has a long-standing relationship with Gulzar Sahab. Vishal Bhardwaj is with Gulzar Sahab for almost half the time he is. Gulzar is a classic figure of Indian cinema. We have felt the fragrance of Gulzar and Vishal’s relationship in their work. From ‘Chadhi pahan ke phool khila hai’ to ‘bidi jalile jigar se piya’ and ‘Namak Ishq Ka’ to ‘Dhain te nenaaja aa dil nicheke tak’. If you start thinking about the songs of this pair, then probably many days will pass. Yes, but if you understand the essence of these songs and music, then perhaps you will accept that after Pancham Da’s departure, Vishal did justice to Gulzar’s pen. Gulzar did a lot of work with many musicians, those songs were also liked but he played a long innings only with Vishal Bhardwaj.

And finally

You cannot do justice to all his films and music in one report. For that he will have to wait for his next several birthdays. Like your ability, your age is also huge, but it is still going on.

Sometimes like this, I scold and you fear

fresh water spring from boiling eyes

I will be sewn in your double body

I will peel off when I turn

will take with you

Teri Meri Angani Matchmaking

Lani sangani with an organ, take me with you.

Oh pihu re…

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