Bitcoin Crypto Queen: The Story of Crypto Queen becoming the FBI’s Most Wanted One Million Dollar Prize

Crypto Queen Ruja Ignatova

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has announced a reward of one lakh US dollars for anyone who arrests or leads the most wanted crypto queen.

Ruja Ignatova (known as the professional doctor in Bulgaria until yesterday)Ruja Ignatova) Today the Federal Bureau of America (FBI) has become the most wanted. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has announced a reward of one lakh US dollars for his arrest or his clue. It is the same Ruja Ignatova who, encouraged by the success of bitcoin, created OneCoin (OneCoin Fraud) was launched. With the claim that their OneCoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world (Cryptocurrency) will emerge and people will become billion-trillionaires overnight sitting at home. This is the same famous professional female doctor of Bulgaria yesterday, Ruja Ignatova, against whom the FBI has started investigation today on charges of defrauding about 32 thousand crores of rupees. This fraud was done only in the name of investment in cryptocurrencies.

According to FBI and other media reports, till now 8 cases of fraud have been registered against Ruza. It is alleged that Ruja’s company instigated people to buy cryptocurrencies. By saying that his company will give many times more profit to the investors. After extorting a lot of money in this business, Ruja suddenly disappeared in 2017. According to FBI records, Ruza had caught the last flight from Bulgaria to Greece. Since then he has been missing under mysterious circumstances. Investigating agencies tried to get a lot about him from family and friends as well. But every attempt failed.

FBI holds a reward of one million dollars for those who give clues

Therefore, now the FBI has declared Ruja an absconder and announced a reward of one lakh US dollars to those who helped in his arrest or gave clues about him. Not only this, with the announcement of keeping such a huge amount of reward on the arrest of Ruja, the American Investigation Agency FBI has also included Ruja in the top ten list of its most wanted. The FBI hopes that after announcing such a hefty prize money, some people will be able to secretly be active in giving some clue to the agency (FBI) about Magar Ruza.

How much fraud? not clear yet

Oxford University (Oxford University) to PHD Ruja’s company ‘OneCoin’ cryptocurrency (OneCoin CryptocurrencyUnder the guise of this black business, how many people in the world have been cheated and how much amount? However, the agencies do not have any concrete information about this. Nevertheless, the FBI hopes that this will prove to be a big scam in the world. In this, Ruja needs to be arrested first, because he will definitely be aware of every trick of the company to cheat. Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin Company (OneCoin Company) started this big economic scam around 2016. He also organized seminars in many countries of the world to lure investors into the trap by luring them with big money.

So that people can be eager to deposit their hard earned money in his company. These countries included from London to Dubai. According to media reports, during seminars in every country, Ruja used to claim that her company OneCoin (OneCoin), will beat all bitcoin in business within a few months. In these seminars, people caught up in Ruja’s frivolous talk started investing blindly in his company. While these investors did not investigate whether Ruja’s company does cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or not. The truth is that Ruja’s company OneCoin did not even have the blockchain technology on the basis of which this kind of business is done.

There may be a scam of 30 to 32 thousand crores

However, on the other hand, according to the agencies related to the investigation, Ruja has transferred his company OneCoin to blockchain (BlockchainTried every possible way to connect with ) but did not get success. Even after this, investors definitely deposited their hefty hard earned money with him. According to the agencies involved in the investigation, this scam can come out from 30 to 32 thousand crore rupees. Investigating agencies do not rule out the possibility of this being the biggest scam ever in the world under the guise of cryptocurrency business. During the hearing of one of the ongoing lawsuits against this company, David Pike has also confessed his crime in front of the court in Florida.

4 billion euro investment received from many countries

David Pike, 62, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud during a hearing in Manhattan federal court last Tuesday. During the trial, prosecutors said that David Pike had fraudulently helped former Locke Lord LLP attorney Mark Scott for $400 million. If we talk about Ruja’s company, then it is important to know here that in the period between August 2014 to March 2017, his company had invested about 4 billion euros in its OneCoin company in many countries. The smallest package from Ruja’s company was 140 Euros. Whereas the biggest package was given by the company to the people of one lakh 18 thousand euros.

Fear of buying property with fraudulent amount

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Along with this, it was also falsely promised to the investors that Ruja’s company would also open the exchange. Due to which Ruja’s company OneCoin will also convert dollars into euros in the future. Some people believe that Ruja’s company has not only cheated four billion euros or about 15 billion euros. However, this is yet to be confirmed by the investigating agencies. Investigating agencies suspect that Ruza has duped people of their hard-earned money and bought properties worth millions of dollars in the Black Sea city of Sozopol and Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Ruza (Ruja Ignatova) was to attend a seminar held in Lisbon in October 2017. Instead of reaching it, she suddenly disappeared. Since then no one has been able to find his whereabouts.