Bitcoin, Dogecoin could not catch the pace, with Ether most altcoins made profits

Bitcoin has not been performing well for the past few days. This week also looks the same. Despite all the developments, the value of bitcoin is not rallying like we have seen before. Coming to the prices, bitcoin is falling below the $40,000 mark (approximately Rs 30.5 lakh) on exchanges like Coinmarketcap, Coinbase and Binance. At the time of writing this the price of bitcoin is down 0.5 percent in the last 24 hours. It is trading at $ 41,005 (about Rs 31.5 lakh) on the Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber.

Bitcoin is priced at $38,477 (approximately Rs.30 lakh) on global exchanges, down 0.45 per cent in the last 24 hours. CoinGecko’s statistics As of now, the value of BTC is down 4.9 percent week-on-day.

Although bitcoin ether of is not. This cryptocurrency has made a lot of profit for itself. At the time of writing this, Ether is valued at $3,037 (approximately Rs 2.5 lakh) on Coinswitch Kuber, while it is valued at $2,847 (approximately Rs 2.2 lakh) on global exchanges, where the coin has seen a 0.34 percent profit in the last 24 hours.

Gadgets 360 cryptocurrency price tracker This shows that despite a 0.16 per cent fall in the global crypto market cap, most of the popular altcoins have managed to post marginal gains. Barring Monero, Polkadot and Polygon, most altcoins such as Cardano, Avalanche, Cardano, Terra and Binance Coin have seen gains.

On the other hand, the past 24 hours have not been better for Shiba Inu and Dodgecoin, popular as meme coins. Dodgecoin has seen a decline of 1.22 percent and its value has come down to $ 0.14 (about Rs 11.5). The price of Shiba Inu is down by 3.03 percent and remains at $ 0.000022 (approximately Rs. 0.0016).

Working towards crypto regulation, India on Monday extended five years for crypto exchanges operating in the country. data storage period is mandatory. All virtual asset service providers will have to compulsorily store the information received through KYC identification forms for Indian users.