BlackBerry 5G phone with keyboard to be launched this year

With the start of the new year, the BlackBerry company recently stopped supporting all its Classic smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS or earlier. After which it was believed that this is almost the end of the Blackberry smartphone company. But with the new year, the company has created new hopes for its fans. Actually, the company has confirmed under the official statement that the company will soon bring a new BlackBerry phone with 5G support. Let us tell you, earlier it was being said that Blackberry 5G smartphone would be launched in the year 2021, but it did not happen.

BlackBerry Onward Mobility in its latest blog Post I have informed the fans that the end of BlackBerry has not come yet. Apart from this, the company has said that the BlackBerry phone with 5G connectivity will be launched in the year 2022. However, this phone will knock with the keyboard itself.

Let us tell you, earlier it was said that Blackberry 5G phone will be launched in the year 2021. launch would be done, but it did not happen. At the same time, while giving information about this, the company said that the year 2021 proved to be very challenging for the company, due to which the company was unable to bring a new phone. But for those who thought this was the end of BlackBerry, the company has put an end to all those speculations through its new blog-post.

The company has informed that the new 5G-ready Blackberry phone may be delayed… but it will definitely be launched. This phone will be offered with keyboard. However, at the moment no information has been revealed regarding the name and specification of the phone.

It is worth noting that the BlackBerry phone brand has started supporting all those Classic smartphones with the end of 2021. Close Which works on BB10 OS and earlier versions.