Boman Irani poem: Veteran actor Boman Irani shared a heart touching poem written on ‘Fatherhood’, read full news

Boman Irani shares poem on ‘Fatherhood’

Boman Irani’s ‘Masoom’ is directed by Mihir Desai and its show runner is Gurmeet Singh. It is an Indian rendition of the award-winning Irish series ‘Blood’, which explores family ties and betrayal after the loss of a loved one.

Veteran actor Boman Irani recently made his digital debut with Disney+ Hotstar’s latest psychological thriller ‘Masoom’. In this series, Boman shares a complex relationship with his on-screen daughter. In such a situation, on the occasion of Father’s Day, he has shared a heart touching poem reflecting the challenging relationship between parent and child. Let me tell you, Boman Irani’s webseries “innocent” (Masoom) has been released on social media. In this web series, this famous actor is seen playing a challenging character.

Boman Irani shared a poem

In this poem, Boman says, “Mainu sorry tu mithiye, I could not explain Tanu ae, Tanu love me kinna karda yes, Ai Kadi I could not express. Through this poem, Boman has expressed his deep feelings about how a father is always protective of his children. In this poem, Bowman expressed many aspects of fatherhood, admitting that a father-child relationship is not always emotionally transparent but unique in its own way.

Know what Boman Irani has to say

Boman further says, the relationship between a father and his children is rarely discussed, yet he is the silent pillar behind the development of his children. But to make the relationship strong, it is necessary to express love openly. Boman Irani said, “This Father’s Day, let’s talk as much as we can with our children and be the father they want us to be and create a new fatherhood that will be kind, loving and inspiring.

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Boman Irani plays the role of a mysterious father

Touted to be a thriller, the Hotstar special ‘Masoom’ is set in Punjab and features Boman Irani as a mysterious father. Following the death of his wife under unusual circumstances at home, after which Samara Tijori, who plays their daughter, tries to uncover the truth, even if it means going against her father. Masoom unfolds a unique father-daughter relationship that turns into a hazy past filled with mystery and deceit. It layers on the relationship with interesting twists and turns, which makes it different from the normal family you see on screen.