Breakup story: Pooja Gaur and Raj’s relationship was broken after 10 years of beautiful relationship, read their breakup story

It is said that there is no feeling in the beautiful world with love, but couples who are in love have to face pain many times. Many times it happens that couples realize that love has started creating problems, then it is considered good to come out of that relationship. Actresses Pooja Gaur and Raj Singh Arora are included in this list.

The year 2020 was very bad for the relationship of these two. Pooja Gor and Raj Singh Arora had once hidden their relationship, but when the two parted ways, the fans were surprised. Today we will introduce you to the breakup story of both of them.

everything was fine

Pooja and Raj had lived their relationship together for about 10 years. Fans always used to see both of them together. There was a time when both were seen balancing friends, family and their love life very well in the relationship. Pooja and Raj also showered love on each other through social media.

when people speculated

After everything was fine, when the distance started coming between Raj and Pooja, everyone was shocked by this. Raj-Pooja started keeping their personal life private. Fans were surprised by this attitude of both. At that time it was being speculated that some estrangement had arisen between the two. However, then both of them had termed these things as mere rumours.

Pooja had put her seal on the breakup

On 16 December 2020, Pooja had reacted to all the speculations on her Instagram handle. Pooja confirmed the news of her breakup with long term boyfriend Raj by sharing a note. Pooja wrote in the post that 2020 brought many changes in life, in which there were some good changes and some were not. For a long time, people were speculating on the relationship between me and Raj, but it takes time to take a decision in difficulties.

This is the reason I wanted to take some time, now Raj and I have parted our ways. Even if life takes us on different paths, but the love and respect that we both have, it will remain for life. Fans were very saddened by this post of Pooja.

Although it is said that before separating from each other, Raj and Pooja were also thinking about marriage. The family members of both were also agreeable to the marriage of both of them. Today, the paths of these two may have parted, but everyone’s eyes are on why the two had parted.

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