Breakup Story: Sajid Khan had a breakup with Jacqueline due to this habit, read the incomplete love story of both

As much as the fans are eager to know about some Bollywood love stories, the fans are also eager to hear the story of their separation. One such incomplete love story is Jacqueline Fernandez and Sajid Khan. The affair and breakup of both are often talked about.

Jacqueline Fernandez came into the relationship with Sajid Khan when she was still setting her career in Bollywood. After being in love for a long time, both had a breakup. Today we will introduce you to the breakup story of Jacqueline and Sajid Khan.

Dump done for Sajid

Jacqueline Fernandez turned to Bollywood after winning the Miss Sri Lanka Universe crown in 2006. The actress made her Bollywood debut in the year 2009 with the film Aladdin. Although the film did not do much, but Jacqueline had reached the hearts of the fans well. This actress came more in the headlines when the news of her relationship with director Sajid Khan came to the fore.



If reports are to be believed, Jacqueline Fernandez has dated Prince Sheikh Hassan. The actress had a breakup with Sheikh Hassan in the year 2011, when it was reported that Sajid Khan was the reason for their separation. It is said that when Jacqueline was dating Sheikh, she came close to Sajid at the same time, due to which Sheikh broke the relationship with the actress.

Sajid did not like the glamorous avatar of the actress

Let us tell you that the closeness of Sajid and Jacqueline increased after the film Housefull. Jacqueline herself had said that the passion for Sajid’s love had gone to her head. But Sajid used to impose many restrictions on him. Like she did not like wearing short clothes of the actress at all. Not only this, he was strongly against Jacqueline playing a glamorous character in any film.

both separated



Although the actress said on Sajid Khan that he is very supportive and always gives the right advice. But Sajid’s restrictions were the reason for their separation. The actress wanted to do her work in films with an open heart. This is the reason that in 2013 she also broke up with Sajid.

Although it has been a long time since both of them separated, but these two are still friends, which is why Jacqueline has made it clear that if Sajid ever offers her a good film, she will definitely accept it.

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