Britain: 15 finalists selected for Prince William ‘Earthshot Prize’, two Indians made their place with their special idea

Prince William Earthshot Prize: Two Indian projects have been included in the 15 final participants for the Earthshot Prize in the UK. A project is of a 14-year-old school student from Tamil Nadu. He has introduced a solar powered ironing cart. The second project is a Delhi-based entrepreneur, his project is related to the recycling of agricultural waste. This award is being given for the first time, for which only 15 participants were selected from hundreds of nominations from around the world. The award was started by Prince William in Britain last year.

Vinisha Umashankar has made a place in the ‘clean our air’ category through the project of solar powered ironing vehicle. In India, clothes of lakhs of people are pressed with this coal-fired iron. Due to which air quality is affected. In such a situation, Vinisha has kept the option of solar power to run it. Along with this, Vidyut Mohan, co-founder of Takachar, has made a place in this category. They have been nominated for an inexpensive and portable technology that converts crop residues into salable bio-products.

What did the Duke of Cambridge say?

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, said: ‘I am honored to share the 15 innovators, leaders and visionaries who are the first finalists of The Earthshot Prize. He is working on the things that are most important for life on Earth (Earthshot Prize Environmental Solutions). At the same time, they are inspiring all of us with their optimism about our ability to face the greatest challenges in human history.

The idea came on the way back home

When Vidisha of Tamil Nadu was returning home from school, she saw an iron man pouring coal into the garbage. After which he did research on the deadly consequences of coal (Indian Earthshot Prize). They came to know how its smoke damages the lungs. Along with this, she was surprised to know about the connection between charcoal and deforestation. Every year a large amount of trees are cut to make charcoal. Vinisha’s solar powered vehicle replaces dirty charcoal with clean energy from the sun.

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