Britain: First case of bird flu found in humans, 20 indoor ducks were killed to stop the new epidemic

Bird Flu Case in UK: A person has been found infected with bird flu in the UK. After which he was isolated and all the people who came in contact have been traced.

Human bird flu case found in UK

Britain Bird Flue Case: In Britain, the first case of bird flu found in humans has been reported. The first person in the country to be infected with this disease has a great love for birds. Because of which he used to keep them in his house. But 20 of his ducks were killed to prevent the new epidemic from spreading. Alan Gosling, 79, lives in Devon (Avian Influenza). He caught bird flu while taking care of 160 ducks. Gosling used to work in the railways and is said to be the first person in the country infected with H5N1.

Out of all the people infected worldwide due to this disease, about half of them have died. There have been more than 1,000 cases of the disease globally since it emerged in the 1990s. Officials said that Gosling is in good health and has isolated himself (UK Bird Flu Case). Last week, 20 ducks living inside his house were killed after they tested positive for the virus. Gosling did not need to be treated in a hospital, and officials said there was no evidence he spread it to anyone else.

Gosling narrates his plight

Gosling said that the last two weeks were like a nightmare for him. He is feeling fine physically but is broken from inside. He says the birds had been living with him for 20 years, from the time he retired to the country in the 1990s. Therefore, killing them is a big loss for them. Gosling said, ‘They were my family, my life.’ Condemning the killing of birds, he praised them and said, ‘People do not understand that they are intelligent, but at the same time they are very cute. He used to sit on my slippers to warm them for me. The house was never empty during his time and I was never alone. Now it is like a morgue.

People who came in contact were traced

Health officials say they have traced everyone who came in contact with Gosling. Experts say the danger to the public is minimal, but people are being advised to avoid touching sick or dead birds. Gosling says ‘apparently I’ve got the virus’ (UK News in Hindi). As far as I can tell I don’t have any disease. They are taking my samples so that they can find out if others can be saved from getting infected by it. The H5N1 outbreak is the largest bird flu crisis ever recorded in the UK, killing two million chickens.

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