Britain: The first Dalit woman was elected to the post of mayor in the London Council

First Dalit woman elected mayor of London council (symbolic photo)

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The first Dalit woman has been elected mayor of the London Council. Indian-origin councilor Mohinder K Midha belongs to the Labor Party.

Britain (Britain) The first Dalit woman has been elected mayor in the Council of London. Let us tell you that the opposition Labor Party of Britain (UK Labor PartyCouncilor Mohinder K Midha, an Indian-origin politician, has been elected mayor of Ealing Council in West London. After this, she became the first woman mayor of a local London council belonging to the Dalit community. Let us also tell you that Mohinder K Midha has been elected for the term of 2022-23 next year in the council meeting on Tuesday.

After the election of Midha, the Labor Party released its statement

Significantly, the Labor Party in Ealing issued a statement saying, “We are very proud that Counselor Mohinder Midha has been elected Mayor of Ealing for the next year.” At the same time, this election is being seen as a proud moment by the British Dalit community.

It is a matter of pride for a Dalit woman to be elected mayor

It is also worth noting that Santosh Das, president of a group called Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organization (FABO) UK, which represents Dalit rights in the country, said, “It is a proud moment for us to become the first Dalit woman mayor in the UK. Is.” Midha, previously serving as the council’s deputy mayor, was elected on 5 May to the position of Labor Councilor for the Dormers Wells ward in Ealing Council in the local elections in London.

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Who is Mohinder’s Midha?

Mohinder K Midha is a politician of Indian origin in Britain. He is part of the opposition Labor Party. He has created history by winning the election of Ealing Council of London. With this, she has become the first Dalit woman to be elected mayor in the Council of London. According to a website ‘Who Can I Vote for UK’, Mohinder Midha has got 2,272 votes in this UK mayor election and will hold the post during the 2022-23 session. The Labor manifesto he campaigned included pledges to overcome the pandemic, tackle violent crime and anti-social behaviour, provide affordable homes, etc.