Britain’s Got Talent: Britain’s Got Talent stuntman Jonathan Goodwin’s condition happened during rehearsals, fiance gave information

Britain’s Got Talent fame Jonathan Goodwin

Britain’s Got Talent star Jonathan Goodwin has been paralyzed after suffering a serious injury while practicing a stunt. His fiancee has given information about this sad news.

Our Britain’s Got Talent ,Britain’s Got TalentFame Jonathan Goodwin remains in the discussion these days. A sad news is coming out about Goodwin. These days Jonathan Goodwin (Jonathan GoodwinAre stuck in difficulties regarding their health. Regarding his health, his fiancée Amanda Abington (Amanda AbbingtonGreat information has come out from the side. Amanda says that escapologist Jonathan Goodwin has been paralyzed after an accident. Goodwin’s fans and viewers have become very disappointed after hearing this news. Goodwin’s fiancée and Sherlock actress Amanda said Goodwin has come back to near two deaths after last year’s accident during rehearsals for America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

He said that the stunt ace, who was seen during the 2019 season of Britain’s Got Talent, is currently using a wheelchair. His condition happened during a dangerous stunt.

Apart from these, Miss Abington, just 48, told during a podcast that Goodwin had fallen 30 feet. After which he lost one of his kidneys. Along with this, both his shoulder blades were also broken and both the legs were shattered. After all this he almost died. “During the third degree, he got burnt, his spine was also broken. After that, he almost died again on the operating table.”

‘It will remain like this until surgery is done’

Further, Goodwin’s fiancée said that he would remain paralyzed until he had a stem cell surgery, or the thing Elon Musk is designing with a tiny chip.

Goodwin already told this thing

Talking about Goodwin, her fiancee says that she is a person from whom I get inspired. Also she is very strong and courageous. Further, the actress said that before her surgery, Goodwin had sent a voicenote. In which he said that there are 50 percent chances of him not recovering.

fell in love with each other after their first relationship

Next, in that note, the stuntman told his fiancee that he loved her very much. Also, thanked him for supporting him in this trouble. The actress told that both of us were in a relationship before this, after ending which we came into a relationship with each other.