Britain’s recession will be beneficial for Indian students, this plan is being prepared

Britain is facing recession. In such a situation, the British government is planning to give a boom to the economy by getting some extra work done by the international students studying there. Read this news…

Britain is considering allowing international students to work more hours a week very soon.

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Recession hit, inflation made life difficult… You can fit this headline on any UK news, because the condition of the British economy is like this only. Now the government there has thought of some special way to overcome it, and the biggest benefit of this is going to be to the Indian students studying in Britain.

According to a news from ‘The Times’, Britain is considering allowing international students to work more hours a week very soon. He will now be able to do part time job for a long time along with his studies. This will help in removing the labor shortage in different sectors of the country.

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Students will recover the country’s economy from recession

About 6,80,000 foreign students currently study in the UK. They are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during their term time. However, now it is being discussed within the government that this time limit should be increased to 30 hours.

The Times, citing government sources, has reported that the government is considering relaxing the hours for foreign students to work there; However, this plan is still in nascent stage.

Experts believe that this can be a working way to revive the recession-hit economy. By the way, there is also an opinion that the limit imposed on the work of foreign students should be completely removed.

Indian students benefit the most

Last year 1.1 million refugees arrived in Britain, out of which only 4,76,000 are students. Every year a large number of children from India also go to Britain to study. Last year alone, 1.61 lakh Indian students have come to study in Britain. However, it also has 33,240 dependents.

If the government increases the duration of working hours, then definitely it is going to be a profitable deal for them.

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There is a huge shortage of workers in the country

According to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, there are more than 13 lakh vacant posts in the country. In this, more than 5 lakh posts are lying vacant even before the arrival of Kovid. He says that the businesses of the country are extremely troubled by the shortage of workers.