British Navy warship collided with Russian submarine in Atlantic, for the first time since the Cold War, both the countries ‘confronted’

HMS Northumberland had to return to port immediately after colliding with a Russian submarine, so that its sonar could be repaired.

HMS Northumberland (File Photo)

A warship of the Royal Navy of Britain collided with a Russian submarine. This submarine was equipped with nuclear torpedoes. This incident happened in the North Atlantic last year. It was the first time since the Cold War that the world’s two largest navies clashed. HMS Northumberland was patrolling through sonar. During this, the Russian submarine collided with it from under water. A British Navy source said that this unexpected collision from underwater took everyone by surprise.

Actually, this collision happened when the Royal Navy sent a British Type 23 frigate to locate a Russian ship. It was reported that a Russian ship was traveling 200 miles north of Scotland. At the same time, upon reaching the Atlantic, the British warship lowered its sonar, so that the Russian ship could be traced. But during this time the sonar collided with the Russian submarine present under water. Sources said that the British warship was shaken badly after it collided with a Russian submarine. Because of this, the Royal Navy had to return after finishing its mission.

The crew members of the submarine must have heard the loud sound: Sources

HMS Northumberland had to return to port immediately so that its sonar could be repaired. Former frigate captain Commander Tom Sharp said, “The question is whether it was intentional or was it just an accident?” Ship and submarine detection is not an exact science. Another Navy source said that the collision of the crew members present in the Russian submarine would have worsened the situation. They must have heard a loud sound because of the collision. There have also been reports of tension between Russia and Britain in the Black Sea.

The incident happened while making the documentary

According to a spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), the collision between British and Russian ships late last year occurred at a time when tensions between the two countries were heightened. The incident was recorded by a team from Channel 5, which was making the documentary ‘Warship: Life at Sea’. In the clip, Commander Thom Hobbs says that we are very close to the submarine, we are probably parallel. If those people were on the surface, we would have seen them by now. The Royal Navy reported that it had sighted a total of nine Russian warships around Britain in the span of just two weeks as of December 2020.

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