BTS Jin Military Service: BTS member Jin will start military service on this day, know the date…

BTS Jin Military Enlistment Date: According to South Korean newspaper, BTS member Jin will join military service from 13th.

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BTS Member Jin Military Service: South Korean band BTS is going on a break for a few years after breaking all the records around the world. this news bts fans Shocking is not only for (BTS Fans) but it is also disappointing. Now recently another update has come about them. South Korean newspaper Aju Business Daily According to a report, Jin will start his military service from 13 December.

Let us tell you that according to the law of the country, every male in South Korea has to complete military service till the age of 30 years. Jin is going to turn 30 on 4th December. According to the newspaper, now Jin has confirmed the date regarding this news.

BTS is one of the biggest music bands in the world. The band has a team of seven members and each artist has its own huge fan following. Now BTS going on military duty means that the band will go on a break for a few years.

Korean media report

According to Korean media, ‘Jin’s recruitment training center will be in Yeoncheon, Gyeongi-Do. Further, he said that at the moment, we cannot confirm any details about this. Expect understanding from you. At the same time, according to earlier reports, music company BigHit Music has confirmed that BTS will return together in 2025, fulfilling their commitment.

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Plan after completing military service?

At the same time, according to the news of news agency ANI last month, BTS will return as a team in the year 2025 after completing military service. The first member to leave, who was waiting for his solo release in October, will now leave for military service. After that, the rest of the members will also follow the recruitment process after completing their respective commitments.