Budget 2023 Expectations: These are the expectations of the youth from the budget, the situation should be clear on crypto tax

Along with advanced technologies, today’s youth have also been very interested in complex financial instruments like crypto currency. Thus it becomes important for them to express their opinion and take active part in the preparation of the budget. Only the young generation of the country takes the economy to new heights and for this they have to come forward and put their demand before the government.

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Budget 2023: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the budget for 2022-23 on February 1. This time’s budget is going to be important in many ways. After the Corona virus epidemic, there can be many big announcements in this budget to bring the country’s economy back on track. This time the budget can focus on the youth as well as those who are worried about their future, especially GenZ. Those who are preparing to enter the job sector after completing their studies or have already entered. It is also absolutely true that the interest of the youth of the country is very less in the budget, but somewhere Budget It affects them too.

At present, when the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on and the news about big economies like America, China is not coming well. In such a situation, the youth of India have all kinds of concerns regarding their career. If experts are to be believed, many youths feel that the discussion of the budget is very complicated.

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But if we discuss with them about their advantages and disadvantages, then they will again tell that what things have happened in the budget as per their wish and on which things the government needs to work. How do the decisions taken in the Union Budget affect the GenZ youth? Why is it important for them to actively engage and be a part of it? Let’s know this too.

Technology needs also increased

We need to understand that apart from the announcement of tax slab rates in the Union Budget, there are many other decisions which affect the lifestyle of the youth as well as the common people. A separate budget is allotted to promote industries in the budget. Whenever the government comes out with a comprehensive budget and promotes certain sectors through subsidy to PLI schemes, it directly affects the youth and workers. Because in today’s era, the maximum focus of the youth is to get a job after completing their studies. Apart from this, the youth of the country has and is very much interested in technology. In such a situation, whatever announcement will be made in the budget regarding technology, it will directly affect the youth or GenZ.

Government’s stand should be clear on crypto currency

The biggest relief to today’s young generation and GenZ can be cut in the tax rate. Due to which more and more money reaches the hands of the working youth. Apart from this, the government can also take some steps for better investment. Especially the exemption in education loan can be increased further. Apart from this, there is a need to increase Capex (Capital Expenditure) to boost economic activities and smoothen the economy against the global recession. The government also needs to provide its clear stand regarding crypto currency transactions.