Bumrah’s future will be saved from injury adjustment, age requirements and body voice

Jasprit Bumrah has once again suffered a back stress fracture, he has been ruled out of the South Africa T20 series, there are reports of being out of the T20 World Cup as well.

What is the future of Jasprit Bumrah?

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The player of any sport in the world has no control over his injury. The player is not injured intentionally. Despite this Jasprit Bumrah After about 15-16 hours of silence on the injury, the email came from BCCI. It was told in this email that Mohammad Siraj will replace Bumrah in the team for the remaining two matches of the South Africa series. Also, Bumrah’s ‘back injury’ will be looked after by the BCCI medical team. The remaining two matches of the series against South Africa are to be played on October 2 and October 4. The second match will be played in Guwahati and the third in Indore.

As there are indications that at the end of this series, the news will also come that Jasprit Bumrah has been out of the T20 World Cup. This is because his back pain does not seem to be giving up so easily. Despite the strong possibility of this, the BCCI is still avoiding this announcement. The big reason behind this is the questions hovering around Bumrah’s injury. These questions are serious.

Why are questions being raised on Bumrah’s injury?

Actually, Bumrah was not a part of Team India for the last two months. He had taken rest. After this, when Team India was announced on September 12, Bumrah was part of the team. Earlier he had played a series against England. He was not a part of Team India even in the Asia Cup. Well, he played in two matches of the series against Australia. In both the matches, his bowling did not show the edge for which he is known. In one match, he gave away fifty runs in four overs. Even after this, Indian cricket fans were not worried about Bumrah. He was relying on the fact that it is not easy to come back after injury. He will regain his momentum in the three T20 matches against South Africa. But he did not play in the first match and then the news of his being out of the series came. The question is, is this a new injury or is it an old problem? Did Bumrah enter the field without being match-fit? How did he get a clean chit from the NCA? If he entered the field in a hurry, whose decision was it, his or the team management’s? The answer to these questions will hardly be found.

How responsible is Bumrah’s action?

There has been frequent discussion about Bumrah’s bowling action. It is also logical that how can anyone talk about the action of a player who has played the sting of his bowling all over the world. Bumrah has got success with the same action so far. But there is also a direct relationship between that action and his current suffering. Bowlers like Michael Holding and Shoaib Akhtar have also said a lot about Bumrah’s action. Shoaib has clearly explained to Akhtar that the full load on bowlers with side arm action does not only fall on the waist, but it splits. But the entire weight of the action with which Bumrah bowls goes only on the waist.

If you look at Bumrah’s sling arm action, then this thing will become clear to you. Apart from this, Bumrah ‘generates’ a lot of speed by bowling with very short run-ups. When Bob Woolmer was the coach of Pakistan, he made changes in Shoaib Akhtar’s bowling action. Although Shoaib Akhtar later returned to his original action. No one can deny that Bumrah’s injury has a direct ‘connection’ to his action.

When did Bumrah get hurt?

Jasprit Bumrah has often been unfit in the last few years. The account of the recent injury is something like this. He suffered a stress fracture in September 2019. In January last year, he had to ‘miss’ the GABA test due to lower abdominal discomfort. Since then the BCCI had become alert. He talked about Bumrah’s ‘workload and injury management’. In July this year, when the Indian team was on the tour of West Indies, Bumrah was rested from the entire tour. In the Asia Cup in August-September also, he was out of Team India due to back problem. Now the question is that when Bumrah did not even enter the field, then how did his injury increase?

How available for IPL?

Both Jasprit Bumrah and the BCCI know what the ‘roadmap’ is after a stress fracture. You have to avoid being on the field continuously. The match has to be ‘pick and suck’. That is, the player, together with the team management, decides which matches he will play and which will not. The problem is that this understanding does not apply in the IPL. From 2016 till the last season, Jasprit Bumrah has hardly missed a single match in any season. Talking about the last three seasons, he has played 15 matches in 2020, 14 in 2021 and 14 in 2022. It is directly related to bank balance. If the franchise is giving a big amount to a player, then they also want the player to remain in the field. Now is Team India suffering the loss of that player’s persistence? This is a very fine line on which BCCI should intervene. This discussion is not happening for the first time, maybe not for the last time either. The positive side of IPL is that today star players are also seen in teams like India-A and Rest of India.

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What are the options for Bumrah now?

The big suspense right now is whether Jasprit Bumrah will have to undergo surgery or not. When the curtain is removed from this suspense, only then it will be known how long he will be away from the field. This discussion will get heated now that what is the way forward for Jasprit Bumrah. It is clear that if Bumrah wants to continue his career longer, then he will have to choose two instead of playing in all three formats. IPL I will also have to make some adjustments with the franchises that instead of playing all the matches, they play a little less matches. It was decided only after the opening match this year that Mumbai were out of the race for the title, so they can be rested from some matches. Bumrah will turn 29 in December this year. Even understanding the fact that the career of fast bowlers is not very long, it can be said that they have time now. 3-4 years went nowhere. Provided they understand their age and body language.