Bumrah’s havoc will not be seen in the death overs, India’s hopes in balance in T20 World Cup

Jasprit Bumrah has suffered a back injury and due to this he has been ruled out of the South Africa series. Along with this, he seems to be out of the T20 World Cup.

There is doubt about Jasprit Bumrah playing in the T20 World Cup. (File Pic)

V Kumar

An aggressive smile with a calm mind, a bowler who has the ability to bowl the perfect yorker in the death overs, who knows how to bowl in different ways, a bowler who is needed the most When India has to defend 10 runs in the last over, who has the ability to bowl at the speed of 140 kmph and who can hit the batsman even by putting a slow ball. We are no one else but Jasprit Bumrah are talking about. The player, who leads the Indian bowling attack, will miss the T20 World Cup due to a back injury.

As India celebrated their victory against South Africa in the first T20I of the 3-match series, all the excitement vanished when Jasprit Bumrah got the news of a back ache, which he will face next month in Australia. T20 can be ruled out of the World Cup.

Any other player other than Bumrah!

The news of Bumrah’s injury is a big blow to India’s prospects in the T20 game. The Indian team, who returned from a weak performance in the UAE, wants to do better in the World Cup. But in Bumrah’s absence, the Indian contingent could miss the opportunity and India could be knocked out of their group of death in the first round which includes Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh apart from the two qualifiers. Only two teams will qualify for the semi-finals and Bumrah’s absence has made the task more difficult.

During 2022, India played 30 matches, winning 22 of them. Bumrah, who has suffered injuries recently, was particularly well maintained and got a lot of rest this year as India looked to prepare him for the T20 World Cup. Bumrah played only 5 matches while he missed 25 T20 Internationals. Even though India broke Pakistan’s record of maximum victories in a calendar year, 8 losses were overwhelming on it. The bowlers looted runs in the death overs.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s impressive body language did not reflect his uneasiness in these defeats, he believed deep inside that Bumrah would give the team strength once he came back as a fully fit player. Just a week ago, Rohit was welcoming Bumrah to the team against the Australian team. India had felt his absence in the Asia Cup against Pakistan and Sri Lanka and hence Rohit Sharma was relieved to see Bumrah in the playing XI.

During a press conference, he told about the importance of Bumrah in the Indian team. He said, “Bumrah is a very important player. The way he has performed over the years has been phenomenal. He is an aggressive bowler and if such a bowler is not part of the team, then it does not bode well for the team.

In the past years, the Indian team has prepared the option of players. If Jadeja was injured, Axar Patel could replace him. There are enough replacements in batting and bowling but no one can replace Bumrah. Therefore, his absence is bound to worry the captain.

coach’s dilemma

With India’s most aggressive bowler absent, Indian coach Rahul Dravid must be really wondering how to get the best out of his backup bowlers. However, even without Bumrah, the Indian fast bowlers have managed to make their way early in the innings, but they have been beaten up heavily in the death overs, giving Dravid sleepless nights. A cursory look at the bowling performance of the last few months shows that whenever India need to defend 20-25 runs in the last 2 overs, they have conceded almost 20 runs in the last over. The result was that India had to face defeat. The opposition teams are ready to take advantage of this lack of India.

Dravid has to decide who to include in the team. Apart from Mohammed Shami and Mohammad Siraj, they have options like Deepak Chahar, who was fatal against South Africa in the last match. Shami, who has a stellar IPL record, was surprisingly sidelined throughout the year and this angered many former players including former coach Ravi Shastri. While Shami is at the fore in the race to replace the Indian bowler, Dravid will regret that he did not give Shami enough practice matches.

Opposition teams happy

At a time when the Indian team is struggling to recover from this setback, opposition parties are already working to exploit its weaknesses and plan to deal with the Indian attack. Bumrah’s absence is good news for teams like Pakistan, who don’t have to worry about Indian fast bowlers in the World Cup next month. Very few bowlers have created panic in the hearts of batsmen with their fast pace as Australia’s Jeff Thomson did in his days. So, when the great fast bowler is praised, it becomes even more remarkable.

Thomson once said that Bumrah is the kind of player who “can destroy the opposition at his own pace.” He also admitted that facing Bumrah is awkward and he has a great ability to mix the balls, making him the most dangerous player in the Indian team.

With Bumrah’s threat averted Indian bowling Looks weak. But who knows, young fast bowlers like Arshdeep will be able to bowl the perfect yorker at the right time. Veteran bowler Mohammed Shami can swing both ways in helpful Australian conditions and Hardik Pandya can provide crucial breakthroughs. There is still hope for the Indian team.