Business reached 120 cities from one store in 27 years, the story of Ferns N Petals is very interesting

Ferns N Petals Story: The journey of Ferns N Petals started from a flower shop in Delhi. But today it is spread over 120 cities in India with more than 386 stores.

Very interesting story of Ferns n Petals

Ferns N Petals: Every day many small and big businesses are started, some will make their mark with time, while some will be closed after some time… but some brands are such, which are the most trusted brands for the people (Trusted brand) emerge as And perhaps this is the reason for their success… Ferns n Petals (Ferns N PetalsIndia’s largest flower and gift retailerLargest flower retailers), as well as one of the world’s largest flower retailers. But this is not a story of one day, Ferns N Petals has achieved this milestone after last 27 years of business.

Ferns N Petals has more than 320 outlets in 120 cities (as of May 2019). At the same time, it was started by Vikas Gutgutia in 1994. Let us know from where this business started.

Where did the journey start?

The journey of Ferns N Petals started from a flower store in Delhi. But today it has spread to 120 cities with more than 386 stores across India, i.e. today Ferns N Petals has become an Indian brand.

Who started Ferns n Petals?

About 25 years ago, Vikas Gutgutia, who was studying in Kolkata, used to help only one of his relatives in their flower business. But during that time he gained a lot of knowledge about flowers, and in the coming time, this education helped him to achieve this position. It is often seen that people sell flowers sitting on the side of the road, but the idea of ​​making a proper shop was probably something new at that time, and this was the reason why Ferns n Petals became a separate identity.

First store opened in 1994

Vikas Gutgutia started the first store in the name of Ferns N Petals in 1994 in an area of ​​Delhi, over time the store got a very good response. And then Vikas Gutgutia expanded business in many other areas of Delhi itself. But during this time one problem that came in this business for a long time was the maintenance of flowers. It was a big challenge to deliver fresh flowers to people in different environments.

Ferns N Petals has become a well-known brand today, which can also be gauged from the fact that it has made a mark in its 11 verticals and also at International level (UAE and Singapore).

400 crore business

According to many media reports, Ferns N Petals has also earned Rs 400 crore in the year 2021 on the basis of good marketing and best strategy. Let us tell you, leaving the old brand strategy, the company has been adopting a new strategy on social media. The company today accounts for a third of the flower business in India and is also the largest chain of wedding venues in Delhi-NCR. Along with this, preparations are also being made to increase business in many more countries, which include Russia and UK.

Although originally a flower retailer, the firm has also expanded into the e-commerce space with different online ventures such as FNPacke. It has expanded its business in the wedding and event planning industry under the name of FNP Weddings & Events.

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