Byju’s plan to rule the world in online education! Now this American coding company has been acquired

Byju acquires coding platform Tynker: Byju’s has been making acquisitions one after the other to strengthen its hold in the world of online education. Byju has now acquired American coding platform Tynker. This California based company teaches coding to 12th grade kids. There is currently no information about how much this deal has happened. This is Byju’s 9th acquisition this year.

It is believed that Byju’s has done this deal to strengthen its hold in the American market. Earlier in July, the company acquired American digital reading platform Epic for $500 million. At that time the company had said that it would spend 7500 crores ($ 1 billion) for its expansion in the American market over the next three years.

Its service available in 150 countries

Tynker is a big name in teaching coding. It is currently offering its service in 150 countries. This platform is being used by 60 million children from all over the world. It is teaching coding to children in 1 lakh schools all over the world. The company was established in 2013. This platform prepares the necessary foundation for the children in computer science, programming, so that they can do good work in the world of technology.

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