Cabinet decision- Approval of relief package for telecom sector, record breaking rise in shares

The relief package for the Telecom Sector Package Approved has been approved in the cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After the news of the relief package, there has been a sharp jump in telecom stocks. In today’s session, Bharti Airtel has made its high by showing a record speed. The share of Bharti Airtel has touched the level of Rs 732.80 per share till the writing of the news on this day. In the last five days also, the share of Bharti Airtel has shown a rise of more than Rs 45. Here, the biggest impact of the news of the relief package in the telecom sector is being seen in the stock of Vodafone-Idea. Around one o’clock in the course of trading in the stock market, the share of Voda reached the highest level of 9 rupees 30 paise. At the same time, Vodafone Idea’s stock has gained 50.42 percent in the last one month.


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