Cafe Coffee Day, Dish TV’s high jump, this share also climbed up to 20%

The stock market made a tremendous jump on Thursday and the BSE Sensex touched its all-time high level. Meanwhile, where shares like Cafe Coffee Day, Dish TV have made a huge jump, the share of one company has climbed up to 20 percent in a single day.

Shares like Cafe Coffee Day, Dish TV jumped

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BSE Sensex made its all-time high on Thursday (BSE Sensex touched all-time high) What level was touched, there was a tremendous jump in the shares of many companies. Its Effect Cafe Coffee Day (Cafe Coffee Day) and dish tv (Dish TV) Like it was also seen on stocks. Where both these stocks made a big jump, some stocks closed with a gain of up to 20 percent.

registered a gain of more than 10 percent

If we talk about the shares of Cafe Coffee Day, then the share price of the company on BSE registered a gain of 12.35 percent during the day. The company’s stock opened at Rs 46.95 on Thursday, which closed at Rs 52.30 at the close of business in the evening.

A similar boom was also seen in the stock of Dish TV. The company’s stock opened at Rs 18 in the morning. By the end of the trading in the evening, it saw a gain of 10.08 percent and it closed at a price of Rs 19.65.

If we look at the shares of both the companies, then the share of Dish TV has climbed 22.43 percent in the last 5 trading days. At the same time, a total gain of 7.17 percent has been registered in the share of Cafe Coffee Day.

These became the top gainers of BSE

Ascorp Asset Management was the biggest gainer on BSE on Thursday. (Escorp Asset Management Ltd.) Registered in the share of. Upper circuit on its stock during trading (Upper Circuit) Got it. It closed with a gain of 20 percent.

top right there (BSE Top Gainers) Rest of the shares held at Bharat Road Network Ltd. (BRNL) Share 19.79 and Tranway Technology (Tranway Technology) The stock closed with a gain of 19.58 percent.

Sensex touched the highest level

The stock market saw tremendous growth on Thursday. The BSE Sensex closed at a level of 62,272.68 with a gain of 762 points. This is his highest level till date. On the other hand, the NSE Nifty closed at 18,484 with a gain of 217 points. Today the maximum speed in the stock market was recorded in the IT sector.

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