CAIT opposed the ban on the entry of diesel vehicles in Delhi, said- goods will become expensive

Traders of Delhi will strongly oppose the decision of Kejriwal government to ban diesel vehicles from October 1

Diesel based vehicles and heavy motor vehicles are largely responsible for causing pollution in Delhi. Around 70,000-80,000 trucks enter the national capital every day.

Confederation of All India Traders (CAITDelhi Government to ban the entry of diesel vehicles in Delhi from 1st October to 28th February, 2023.Delhi Government) strongly condemned the decision. cat Said, strongly condemn the decision of Delhi government. This decision of the Delhi government will close the business of Delhi at a time when these five months in Delhi are very good for business due to the festival and wedding season. The traders of Delhi will strongly oppose this Tughlaqi decree of the Delhi government.

CAT’s National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal and Delhi State President Vipin Ahuja said that this will completely ruin the business of Delhi in these 5 months. To decide the future strategy on this serious issue, CAIT has called a meeting of major business organizations of Delhi next week on June 29. Because this issue will badly affect the transport business, so CAIT will fight this battle jointly with them after discussing with the transport organizations in this regard.

No goods will come to Delhi for 5 months

Khandelwal and Ahuja said that it is really very important to protect the environment, but with this it should also be seen that no business should be adversely affected by any decision of the government. He said that due to this decision, no goods will be able to come to Delhi for 5 months because all the goods in Delhi come in trucks from other states and trucks run on diesel. Due to the long distance, no trucks can run on electric or CNG. From this point of view, this decision of the government is meaningless and has been taken without thinking about its consequences. CAIT will soon meet the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Vinay Kumar Saxena in this matter and will urge the decision to be stayed and will also try to intervene if required by the Central Government.

State General Secretary of CAT Devraj Baweja and Ashish Grover said that this decision of the government reflects the anti-business attitude of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Explain that Delhi is the largest distribution center of the country and the revenue of Delhi government is largely dependent on business activities. If this order is implemented, then there will be a big hurdle in the movement of goods from other states in Delhi and from Delhi to other states.

Goods will become expensive in Delhi

The question is, with the implementation of this decision, will the traders of Delhi enter the border of other states adjoining Delhi and take goods there because the entry of diesel trucks will be prohibited in Delhi and it is not practical in any condition. Even if it is so, then under GST tax on it, traders will have to face unnecessary tax law complications and goods will become expensive in Delhi. If this decision is implemented, then it would be better that the business of Delhi should be shifted to other states.

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Delhi government will suffer huge loss of revenue

CAT’s State Chairman Sushil Goyal and National Minister Sumit Agarwal said that this decision of Delhi Government will stop all types of business activities in Delhi which will result in major disruption in business and Delhi Government will suffer huge loss of revenue. Chief Minister Kejriwal is hitting an ax on his own feet. He said that the traders of Delhi will stand firmly against this decision and will also start a big movement against the Delhi government. He also said that this is a big conspiracy against the business and traders of Delhi.